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My sister and I don’t agree on most things: politics, religion, the “great nation” of Texas, whose boobs are bigger (um, sorry Wooz, there’s a reason your nickname is HOOTERS), although we do share an affinity for Hugh Grant movies and anything mocha flavored.  She confessed to me a few weeks ago she was bummed my brother and I weren’t going to be home for Christmas this year, and that she felt abandoned and alone.  Talk about a stab to the heart.  (Girl’s got good aim.)  My heart was bleeding for her during the days leading up to Christmas, which had me bumming too.  That being said, I think we both had a good Christmas even though we were apart, and the anticipation was worse than the reality.  I’m sure that little tidbit will be ignored when I am finally home and am on the receiving end of quite the walloping.  (Not to be confused with bollocking, as Teet’s language isn’t nearly as colorful as my own.  Walloping and bollocking -- British slang is hilarious.  If only I had the accent to properly execute their usage.)

The other day as I was leaving Lipe I was talking to a Malay, who told me I was “so strong.”  I looked at my arms and looked at him like he was crazy, wondering exactly when the punchline was coming.  I could hear my sister rolling on the floor clutching her stomach in hysterics.  “Strong?  This wimp?  Watch me dominate her with my pinkie toe.”  He then went on to marvel that I was traveling on my own, and ohh, that’s what you meant.  Not sure about strong, buddy.  I believe the words “financially reckless” are what you are looking for.

Anyway.  That little exchange made me think of my sister.  I miss you Woozie.  And Pick totally loves me more.  So there.
alexandrite105 says:
oh my little cream cheese (er, musmus), pickey's purring his little carborrator brains out as we speak, cause it is i he loves more!! hehe.
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
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