...And That's How I Contracted Dengue Fever

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Kidding.  Sorta.  At least, I hope so.

At one point last week Romana and I were talking about mosquitoes and diseases and she told me Thailand is pretty safe, and that she's never known of any cases first-hand.  She said the only mosquitoes you need to worry about are the ones with white stripes on their legs, and that they're instantly recognizable because the white "zebra stripes" really stand out.  Apparently the zebra mosquitoes are only in jungle areas along the Burmese border, and not in the more densely populated areas of Thailand.

She also said to keep an eye out for black pigs in villages.  Apparently it's the particular breed of black pigs that are the hosts to these diseases, they get bitten by the zebra fuckers, who in turn pass it along to humans.  So.  Stay away from zebra striped mosquitoes, and villages with black pigs.  Particularly in jungle areas along the Burmese border.  Got it.

Yeah, well, guess where I was.  In the jungle on the Burmese border.  And guess what kept biting me.  Zebra striped mosquitoes.  And guess where we stayed.  In a Karen village with DOZENS of black pigs.  Who couldn't be sweeter looking, for the record.  Particularly the ten or so baby pigs running around gleefully playing tag all over the place.  Adorable.

So.  What are the symptoms for dengue fever again?  And is now a bad time to say I made the executive decision (after consulting with everyone and their mother, my father and more than a few doctors included) not to take the anti-malarial medication?
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