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On Sunday I took a whole assortment of motorbike taxis and minibuses and big coach buses and a songthaew that seriously ripped me off and finally arrived in Chiang Mai around 4pm.  (This, after starting my day at 7am. It was another long haul.)

Spent the afternoon sitting in the open-air lobby of my (seriously awesome) hostel, glued to the computer.  Why?  Because I did eight cities in eight days, that's why.  Because I was freaking tired and the LAST thing I was going to do was be on my feet.  That, and do you know when was the last time I've had internet somewhere I've stayed?  MALAYSIA.  (Excluding Romana & Richard's, of course.)  You can be damn sure I sat there enjoying being as unproductive as possible.  Zoned out, caught up on emails, goofed off with friends on Gchat, thought about how far behind on the blog I was, and really couldn't bring myself to focus.

I set out in the evening to rendezvous with BJ and Colin, the mother and son duo I've crossed paths with throughout my trip, but was unable to find them.  So I tackled the famed Sunday night market on my own, and holy crap that market is known for good reason.  It's ENORMOUS.  Probably the biggest one I've ever been to, stretching on for KILOMETERS in every direction.  Massive.  Has everything you can possibly think of. 

So I bought myself some handicrafts, but not before stuffing my face, seeing as I hadn't eaten since the Mae Sot bus terminal at 9am and was STARVING.  The spiciest (and possibly yummiest) papaya salad I've ever had, some sort of noodles, fresh watermelon juice, and even an ice cream (which was advertised as being fresh from the cow, but the freezer burn on my painfully bland ice cream begged to differ).  Rounded off the evening with a quick thirty minute Thai massage, in an attempt to un-do all the damage the horrible Thai beds have done.  (Don't even get me started.)  It was a good night.
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