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A couple weeks ago John decided he was due for a holiday of his own, so he booked us a weekend in Bangkok.  We flew on Friday night, and were greeted at the airport in Bangkok by the "hotel shuttle."  I don't know about you, but when the "hotel shuttle" turns out to be a private 7-series BMW, I get a little excited.  I won't go into details about the resort, because if I do, my siblings will disown me for good.  Suffice it to say it was a *nice* weekend.

On Saturday we took it easy and enjoyed life at the ideal vacationer's pace.  Breakfast was the biggest, most decadent spread I have ever seen.  Ever.  There was a fruit bar, a juice bar, a yogurt and muesli and cereal bar, an egg and omelet bar, a smoked fish bar, a bar for the weirdos who eat steaks and other dead animals for breakfast, a dim sum bar, a Japanese breakfast bar, an Indian breakfast bar, and a carb slut's paradise: pancakes, waffles, mountains of croissants and danishes, more types of bread than I knew existed, cookies, ice cream, you name it.
  Obvs I went back something like five times.  The whole trying to act dignified and restrained and un-animal like in the face of so much FOOD was near impossible.  I was somewhere between drooling on myself, stuffing my face, politely sipping my tea and saying "yes please" to everything, and trying to figure out how to best hide/explain the fact that YES, I am going back for MORE food.  AGAIN.

From our breakfast feast we hired a boat to tinker along Bangkok's canals.  I was hoping it would be a good way to get the lay of the land and see different things, but it's only an hour and the dude zooms so fast you can hardly take in anything.  My pictures are total crap.  There really isn't much to see; John says the vast majority of Bangkok's canals have long since been filled and paved and turned into roads, and that it's not nearly the neat water city it used to be.
  Still, it was cool to see some of the locals' houses along the water.  And so many temples!  Dear god I couldn't keep up with all the temples.  I'd see a spire and by the time my finger was on my camera button we had long since zoomed past it.  I'm hoping that when I'm back in a few weeks I can hire a boat and convince him to take me at a more conducive-to-photography pace.

Saturday afternoon we lounged by the pool, lamenting how hard our lives were.  I mean, geez.  Breeze off the river, plush lounge chairs, poolside bar service -- rough life. 

Turns out we were in Bangkok for a holiday weekend; the king's birthday was Saturday.  Who knew?  Which means Saturday night was quite the affair: traditional Thai dancing, songs, massive screens showing the countdown to 7:29pm like it was the ball dropping on New Year's (no idea why 7:29; perhaps the precise moment of his birth?), Thai dignitaries giving speeches, millions of people wearing pink and holding yellow candles in his honor, satellite coverage showing celebrations across the country, fireworks galore.
  It was quite the birthday celebration.  The birthday boy didn't make an appearance, apparently he's ill and not doing too well.  But the pomp and circumstance and prince and prime minister would have you fooled otherwise.  I kept asking "Is that him? How about him?"  Pretty cool beans.

After an hour or so of festivities we traded in our candles and headed for the restaurant, and the dinner spread dwarfed the breakfast spread in comparison.  I am SO not even exaggerating.  They opened two whole new areas, more than doubling the square footage of food.  I mean, seriously.  Why do that to a girl?  I couldn't get over it.  Shovel, chew, swallow as fast as humanly possible, before sprinting back for more food.
  Like a gluttony olympics, only in a quiet, posh setting where one is supposed to behave like a lady.  Now THAT is what I call a dream come true.
domnicella says:
So I hear. Cringe inducing, isn't it?
Posted on: Dec 08, 2009
fransglobal says:
Apparently, there is not at all the same reverence for his putative successors so what will happen when he does go is a matter for conjecture.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2009
domnicella says:
I know! And from what I hear he's a nice guy. They ADORE him. No intention (and certainly no reason) of making fun of him in the least. Saturday night was a blast; it's too bad he missed all the festivities. It was amazing to witness.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2009
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Thai money - love the purple!
Thai money - love the purple!
photo by: rintjez