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Today was spent swimming and snorkeling along some of the neighboring reefs and islands.  The water is a crystal clear, bright turquoise hue, the sand is perfectly soft and white, the islands lush and green, the sky cloudless, and the fish!  Fish of every color you can imagine.  It is so beautiful here.

We stopped at four different reefs and three beaches: two sandy and one covered in smooth round rocks.  For lunch we were given Thai fried rice and bananas and watermelon -- especially delicious when you’ve been soaking up sun and saltwater all day.  

I experienced something that’s never happened to me before: I was nibbled by fish!  Seriously.  The fish here are fearless.  I’m accustomed to snorkeling and fish being apprehensive at best; usually they dart away.
  Here, the fish come right up to you, curious as can be, and encircle you and twirl all around you.  On more than one occasion I found myself smack in the middle of thousands of fish -- thousands -- made up of several schools of multicolored fish.  I was tempted to reach out and try to touch one, but didn’t want to for fear of scaring them all off.  The third time this happened it lasted for ages.  Literally I could swim and kick and frolic and they’d just follow me.  After awhile I made my way to the boat and started handing up my gear.  I’m treading water next to the boat, and feel myself kicking and touching these slippery bodies all along different points of my own body.  It was surreal.  But I had already surrendered my mask, so I could only see what was visible from above water.  As I sat there, treading water and waiting for my turn to hoist myself onboard, something bit my thigh.  It startled the crap out of me.  It didn’t hurt, but it was bizarre.  And apparently the message was conveyed that I was tasty, because then more and more of them started nibbling me.  It was so weird.  Feeling slick fish bodies collide with my own, and more than a few of them nibbling on me.  Talk about a reversal of the food chain.  It was incredible.
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Best mango sticky rice on the plan…
Best mango sticky rice on the pla…
Koh Lipe
photo by: Mezmerized