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This morning I left sleepy Takayama for Kyoto.  At the moment, it is positively pouring, and I'm nestled in the rather sleek and modern cafe that is downstairs in my hostel, enjoying the free WiFi and waiting for the clock to strike 3pm so I can be admitted to my room.  This morning consisted of a mere two train rides -- a welcome change from always needing to switch trains; boarding and disembarking, climbing countless staircases and switching tracks can be cumbersome when you're juggling the hippopotamus that is my backpack.

I digress.  The ride from Takayama to Nagoya, where I switched to the shinkansen, was the lengthier of the two (about two and a half hours), and absolutely gorgeous.  At first, I wasn't looking forward to the hokey "limited express" that wound its way down through the mountains.
  It's far too steep and windy for the bullet trains, and I had grown accustomed to zooming from Point A to Point B at speeds rivaling those of sound and light and F-16 fighter jets (Top Gun control tower fly-bys, anyone?).

Boy was I wrong.  Having arrived in Takayama so late and in the pitch black, I had no idea what my eyes were missing.  The ride was wonderful.  Gorgeous, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, you name it.  The train winds down through the mountains (and while not a bullet train, this ain't no slow poke either), through lush forests, along countless rivers, across bridges and dams and dare I say a gorge or two.  It was the kind of scenery that would cause National Geographic to send its top photographers out to capture surreal images for a glossy, several page spread highlighting the beauties of the region, and I've no doubt they've already done so.  Simply gorgeous.

After scarfing my breakfast and finishing Miss Austen, you can picture me staring out the window, grinning from ear to ear, jamming to The Clash (check it out here:, with all the dignified Japanese thinking "what is that goofy tourist smiling at now?" 

It was a good ride.

(Note: my photos are a terrible rendering and don't begin to do the beautiful scenery justice.)
fransglobal says:
The Clash? Very zen... Saluti di Bergamo, Italia.
Posted on: Oct 01, 2009
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Shinkansen arriving in Nagoya en r…
Shinkansen arriving in Nagoya en …
photo by: ys484