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Things I've learned while traveling:
  1. In addition to time and money, travel requires vast reserves of energy and patience.  Prepare accordingly.
  2. Dorms are an easy way to meet people.  After the first few nights, sleeping next to strangers doesn't seem so weird.
  3. Earplugs and an eye mask will go a long way toward salvaging a good night's sleep.  As well as one's sanity.
  4. There are ignorant/idiotic/lazy/prejudiced/inconsiderate/selfish people everywhere.
  5. There are open-minded/intelligent/warm/friendly/generous/thoughtful people everywhere.
  6. The absence of hot water and proper plumbing loses what little (if any) "rustic charm" it might have had when you've gone a full week without a shampoo.  If not sooner.
  7. Things are not provided arbitrarily.  If you're given a mosquito net, it means you'll need it.
  8. If somewhere is listed in a guidebook, you do not want to stay/eat there, as the influx of patrons will have upped the price and lowered the quality.
  9. Don't bother with a guidebook at all, for that matter.  Advanced research and planning, reliable maps, and internet access is all you need.
  10. Think twice before buying that souvenir.  Maybe three times.
  11. Pack light.  If there isn't enough space in your bag for a basketball, you've packed too much.
  12. Drink the water.  Your body will acclimate and you'll be healthier for it.
  13. Anywhere regarded as "exotic" looses its perceived "exoticness" the moment you arrive.
  14. The world is smaller than you think.
  15. And it really is your oyster.
  16. Learning how to say "thank you" in the local language is a small effort that goes a long way.
  17. Smiles and laughter are universal.  Use them copiously.
  18. One is never remiss in minding their manners.  Or their temper.
  19. Everything is relative.
  20. Asia is more polluted than I ever imagined.  Environmental awareness is nonexistent.
  21. We need to do something about this.  Stat.
  22. China's global influence and power is immense.  It's much, much bigger than I ever realized.  (And it terrifies me.)
  23. Education cannot be overstated.
  24. I have a new-found appreciation for all things "Made in the USA."
  25. I no longer take the "luxuries" of the western world for granted.  That goes doubly for my personal rights and liberties.
  26. It's ok not to like everywhere.  It doesn't mean you're doing it wrong.
  27. Only you can make yourself happy.  Clich├ęd as it sounds, there are no truer words.
  28. This is a daily challenge for me.
  29. I've enjoyed traveling on my own far more than I ever anticipated or hoped.
  30. There is no place like home.
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