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That night bus yanked me by the ponytail, clobbered me, and then spit me back out.  Oof.  Everything hurts.  Everything.  Sore, pulsing, aching... owww.  My legs and ass feel like they have blood clots waiting to explode.  Thirteen hours is a long time to be trapped on a bus, particularly when you're trying to sleep.  The forced "rest stop" at 3:30am wasn't my favorite either.

Those are my physical ailments.  As for my other (mental?) ailments, I've discovered I have millions of Kip that are officially worthless, now that I've left Laos.  I knew I was supposed to exchange them before crossing the border, but it being Sunday meant the exchange place was closed.  Supposedly Nong Khai has a few places that will exchange, but the guesthouse owner didn't know of any, nor did I go exploring while there.  Frankly, after my initial inquiry, I forgot.  And now I have way too much worthless money.

I'm going to do my best to hunt down Laos-bound travelers this week, but if anyone knows of anyone in the Chiang Mai vicinity that's itching for Kip, please send them my way!
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes