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Dear Seoul,

Things aren't working between us.  I know we got off to a great start, but let's chalk it up to novice misunderstanding and getting ahead of ourselves.  I so wanted us to work.  Really, I did.  I'm crushed that we're not clicking.  I'm doing everything I can, I'm trying to accommodate your ways and whims, but I just can't seem to find a niche in your vibe.

Even if I overlook the pushing and the rudeness on the surface, I can't seem to ingratiate myself to your embrace.  It's been so much work, and I'm struggling to reap the benefits. 

Take today, for instance.  I set out for Itaewon, hoping to accomplish two simple errands, and you weren't having any of it.  But did you let on before I headed out?  Did you warn me you weren't in the mood to humor me?  Your past lovers told me just how accommodating Itaewon would be to foreigners like me.
  And yet.  And then when I set out again, against my better judgment, to give your night markets a second chance, you forced me to walk ten square blocks -- TEN SQUARE BLOCKS! -- around the periphery, all dark and closed and boarded up and might have worried me that I was about to be mugged, had I been in a different country.  Where is this warm welcome you extend to everyone else?  And what's worse, when I tried to be a good sport and eat nearby in an attempt to salvage the evening, you outright ignored me, letting me sit and fester for fifteen minutes without so much as offering to take my order.  Can you blame me for storming out?  That's two fruitless round-trip expenses on the subway today.
  Two!  With nothing to show for myself.  You would be irritated if that had happened to you.

And then, to add insult to injury, you turned me away from three different restaurants tonight, each time claiming you wouldn't accommodate a single person on their own.  I know your culture embraces the group dynamic, and I've encountered this before, but turning me away three times in a row is just cruel.  And then finally, when I found a noodle house after two hours of wandering the streets like the starving raving (raging?) lunatic that I was, you fooled me once more, and plopped a platter of barbecued pork in front of me.  Pork!  You know I don't eat pork.  But what could I do?  The man was so nice and it would have been inexcusably rude to refuse it.
  And then those noodles, those noodles that looked so tempting from the street and even from the neighboring tables, those noodles that were served ice cold!  Do you know how unsatisfying and downright upsetting ice cold noodles are when you're tired and hungry and cranky as can be?  Cold noodles??  How could you?

We still have tomorrow.  I haven't given up on us entirely.  I'm holding out one last shred of hope.  Let's be on our best behaviors tomorrow, and make the most of our last day together.  It really would be a shame if we ended things on a bad note, with one of us throwing a tantrum and the other sulking in the corner.  I want us to end on a good note.  Could you do that for me?  Please?  It would mean a lot to me.

I'm sorry things aren't working out between us.  I wish it wasn't this way.  I think we're better off as just friends.  You understand.

mosted says:
Like how you write!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2013
Dr_Seuss says:
Nice way of putting :-D
Posted on: Oct 23, 2009
Stigen says:
Cold noodles...that sucks !
Posted on: Oct 23, 2009
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A hundred bucks says my brother doesn't know where Korea is on the map.

I can already hear the collective minds of my extended family calling my dad and asking what the spread is and upping the ante with odds like those.

Oh, PB!
fransglobal says:
If the Dear Leader in the DPRK has his way, it may not exist much longer....
Posted on: Oct 23, 2009
mikkismith says:
Why Korea? You could have bet on Japan.
Posted on: Oct 23, 2009
No idea what this is about.
No idea what this is about.
photo by: chiyeh