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Yesterday I finished my cycling tour of Sukhothai much earlier than anticipated.  I was done by noon, and it seemed silly to hang around for a second night with so much daylight left to kill.  That, and the sleeping situation left something to be desired, so off I went.  I hopped a bus to Tak, and then a minibus (read: minivan) to Mae Sot.

Mae Sot is the town you must go through in order to get to Umphang.  Must.  No way around it.  There's only one road in and out of Umphang, and it starts and ends in Mae Sot.  Initially I planned to do Sukhothai > Mae Sot > Umphang in one day, but this gave me time to go halfway, spend the night in Mae Sot, and arrive in Umphang at an earlier hour.  And that's exactly what I did.

Mae Sot is ok.  Not a bad place to spend a night, should you find yourself in a similar situation, needing to connect from Point A to Point B.  Beyond that, it doesn't offer much.  In fairness, I didn't exactly "tackle the town."  I strolled through the market and passed a temple and a mosque.  But that's about it.  Certainly not a tourist destination.

The good news is, the bed was infinitely better.  The good news stops there.

You wouldn't BELIEVE the racket just outside my window last night.  First from a bird perched RIGHT THERE, squawking its head off, piercingly loud and haunting and awful.  One of those horrible birds kept me awake all night one night in Klong Muang.  Absolutely no idea what kind of bird makes that terrible racket, but it's absolutely AWFUL.  And then, just when the bird quieted down, a massive group of locals started pounding drums and chanting.  Granted, it was like 8pm, but still.  Dozens of Thais, happy as can be, singing and chanting and dancing and banging away on those drums.  For HOURS. 

Have I mentioned yet my head was splitting?  SPLITTING.  Not their fault, but certainly not helped by that noise assault, either.  It started in the afternoon and absolutely refused to go away, painfully mocking the herbal hippie "painkillers" I'm traveling with.  Note to self: next time I leave the country (or leave the house, for that matter) I'm packing REAL painkillers.  I've been lucky to have had fewer than a dozen headaches on my trip thus far, but dear god are they painful.  And stubborn.  Borderline crippling.  Owww!
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