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I arrived at the guesthouse hailed by everyone as THE place to stay in Nong Khai, and of course it was booked solid.  (Nevermind that I had emailed a request last night; they never bothered to answer.)  Wandered around and came across something best described as a squatters' house, with four Irish "hippies" (quotations because that's not the word I'd use to describe them) packing up their things and raving their faces off about how great the place was.  Bare mattresses on the floor, leaky bug infested bathroom, and evidence of a few, shall we say, debauchery filled nights -- yeah I can see why you guys love this place.  I was hesitant at best, but it was a steal, and the lovely woman at the guesthouse said I was welcome to stay and hang out in their garden using their wifi all day, so I reasoned with myself that it was only to sleep.  I've slept in worse accommodation on this trip, I just thought it was all behind me.

So I spent the afternoon doing just that -- lounging in the shade in the wonderful breezy garden overlooking the Mekong (and Laos), tinkering on the internet and chatting with other travelers.  I've spent the last couple days debating if I wanted to go back to Chiang Mai; the only thing holding me back being that it's nowhere near where I am.  But I'm sitting there, enjoying the garden, and realizing that sure it's nice now, but this time tomorrow this will be boring and stale.  And I'll still be here.  Suddenly a day's travel (both to and from) didn't seem so bad.  Why not go to Chiang Mai?  I love it there.  There's loads to do.  I know I'll have a great time and really enjoy my week, before heading back to Bangkok for the weekend.

So I inquired at the desk, thinking I'd snag a bus tomorrow, but it turns out only night buses run.  And if I were to wait until tomorrow night that'd mean tomorrow spent exactly the same as today, and only two days in Chiang Mai, which barely justifies the extensive travel to get there and back.  So I made an impulsive decision, snapped up my gear, and headed toward the bus station in the hopes of catching the last bus to Udon Thani.  And I did!  Just in time.

I'm now waiting for a night bus to Chiang Mai, which departs at 8pm.  I doubt I'll be able to sleep, and was a bit worried, seeing as the ipod is dead, but managed to find an outlet.  So I'm charging the ipod, updating the blog, even snagged a (rather subpar) mango salad.  Such efficiency!

Where did this impulsiveness come from??  I don't (usually) have a spontaneous bone in my body.  Who knew!
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Udon Thani
photo by: Besandri