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On Monday Katie, Josh, and I took a stifling hot and interminably long bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, where we rendezvoused with Lisa (who came via Battambang after doing the river cruise that I had done the week prior).  We had a shall we say "eventful" night the evening before, making the bus ride all the longer and more horrible.  I think I sweat for six straight hours on that dreadful thing.  Ugh, it was awful.

Monday was one of those long/hot/boring/uncomfortable/[enter negative adjective here] travel days that are otherwise not notable.  We found an overpriced, average-at-best noodle shop for dinner, after which I came home and promptly zonked out for the night; the others stayed out and had rambunctious party night part deux.
Phnom Penh riverfront from the tuk-tuk.

Side note/character explanations: Josh is on short-term vacay from Afghanistan.  I suppose I should cut the dude some slack in the I-have-yet-to-see-him-sober-and-it's-been-four-days department.  (Yes, even at 9am. Especially 9am. Dude wakes up and orders a gin & tonic before he's dressed. My liver hurts just thinking about it.) The girls are long-term backpackers like me, and are partying their way through southeast Asia.  Just like everyone else.  (Tubing, anyone?)  Seeing as I outgrew the party phase at fifteen, I typically skip anything that is likened to Khao San Road.  Or anything stamped with the "backpacker" seal of approval.  Translation: drunken shit show.  In Meg Speak: recipe for serious cranky pants.  No thank you.

Hence I stick to my early to bed/early to rise thing.  It keeps me sane, and more importantly, friendly.  In theory, it should also keep both my expenses and my caloric intake in check, but somehow I'm still (STILL!) gaining weight.  Have you seen my jowls?  I have JOWLS.  My dad has taken to calling me "healthy" when he sees me on Skype.  Wtf??  And as for the expenses, well...  Cambodia's pricier than I anticipated.  As was Thailand.  Which doesn't bode well for Vietnam, especially since the Vietnamese are infamous for nickeling and diming everything, just like their dear Chinese cousins.  Shit adds up.  How did I get on a money rant?

Please make checks payable to:
Hot, tired, irritable, overfed, broke backpacker.
(Not to be confused with the drunks.)
Wish you were here, Awesome Town.
sylviandavid says:
Hard to keep giving up the nickels and dimes... we found that too.... Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 27, 2010
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Phnom Penh riverfront from the tuk…
Phnom Penh riverfront from the tu…
Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk