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BJ, Colin, and I
Sort of like Hammer Time (à la MC Hammer), only better.

Yesterday BJ and Colin and I did the "Flight of the Gibbons," which is zip-lining through the rain forest canopy in the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.  Our day started dark and early, with a minibus ride out to the site.  We were suited up with harnesses and helmets and sent off to jump from trees.  It was a BLAST.

We had two terrific guides, North and Typhoon, with hilarious personalities to match their names.  Our group consisted of us three and two American couples, whom we got to know throughout the day.  We zip-lined for two hours, and just after our second run a local popped out of the forest and said something to North and Typhoon in Thai, and we were quietly led to check out two gibbons swinging through the trees.
  It was pretty cool, but seeing as the outfit is called "Flight of the GIBBONS" and was advertised as having GIBBONS, I was all ok, this is when we see gibbons.  Great.  I had no idea this was actually a rare treat.  Kind of like when you go hiking in Alaska thinking you'll see bears and you never actually do, apparently this is the deal with the gibbons.  Ain't no way they're coming to where all us humans are making such a racket, hell no.  There was a blonde one and a black one, swinging along and having a grand old time.  North and Typhoon said that in all the years they've been doing this they've only seen gibbons three times.  THREE TIMES!  Shit, if I had known that I would have been a little more appreciative of the whole thing.

So I saw gibbons in the wild.
  Check it.

A thrilling and hilarious morning spent zip-lining and thoroughly entertained by North & Typhoon's antics, followed by a hike up a waterfall and lunch, before being carted back to Chiang Mai.  We'd already had a full day and it was only 1pm, which left a free afternoon to mellow out and wander the city a bit.  My kind of day.

I bid farewell to BJ & Colin for the final time; our routes won't overlap again.  I'm continuing through Southeast Asia before heading south to Australia and New Zealand; they're heading to southern India, northern Africa, and then finally Europe.  They were wonderful travel companions, I really enjoyed our shared experiences over the past few months.  I'm so happy to have met them.
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BJ, Colin, and I
BJ, Colin, and I
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Chiang Mai
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