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Check out those chilies!
Turns out BJ & Collin, whom I first met in Tokyo and have since crossed paths with a couple times, opted to stay at my guesthouse here in Busan.  They're now a threesome as Tom (BJ's husband/Collin's father) flew over and joined them last week.  I joined them for dinner and the four of us went to a pork barbecue restaurant, as was recommended by our guesthouse owner.

A note about the on-again, off-again vegetarianism: I'm doing my best to maintain my vegetarian diet, and for the most part it's been manageable.  With that being said, if there's a regional dish that stands out as a must-eat (like ramen in Fukuoka or duck in Peking), I fully plan to taste and embrace it.

Apparently barbecued pork in Korea, and particularly Busan, is the most popular and favorite dish.  Since BJ & co. were already going, I figured this would be a great way to partake in a local feast (which is quite difficult to do on one's own, seeing as barbecue is served family style for an entire table), on top of being a fun night out catching up and exchanging travel stories.  It was all of the above, with all of us having a terrific time, and the food was fantastic.  The spread was mind blowing.  Absolutely enormous.  We had no fewer than four dishes per person laid out in front of us before we had even ordered.  And the kimchi and assorted vegetables and sauces and chilies and soups and rice and on and on and on just kept coming.  The pork was grilled alongside long mushrooms at our table, then sliced (with scissors) into bite-sized pieces.  June (our guesthouse owner) explained before we left that we should make our little pork tacos no bigger than one bite; that it was proper etiquette to eat it all in one mouthful.  So, you take a leaf of lettuce, put a piece of pork, a whole clove of raw garlic, and all the chili peppers and chili sauce and kimchi and spicy vegetables you can handle.  It was great fun.  Needless to say, we're bursting at the seams.
fransglobal says:
I remember that subway station!

Busan is an amazing place though.

No men pestered to help me. Looking at your photo and mine, I can understand why!
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
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Check out those chilies!
Check out those chilies!
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