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Any semblance of "sleep" I've had since Friday has been in short-lived bursts.  Saturday night I laid awake for hours, finally fell asleep somewhere around 2am, and was awakened in the pre-dawn hours by my mom pilfering things from my bureau before I even left.  It's needless to say I barely slept a wink on Sunday night before my flight Monday; I have a hard time sleeping the night before a New York flight, yeah right was I somehow going to manage before crossing the Pacific.  Monday I snatched two naps on the plane, each just over two hours.  And last night?  Last night I was thoroughly exhausted and in bed just before 8pm local time.  I knew there'd be no way I'd sleep until a decent hour, but may as well get as much sleep as I can.  Fat chance.

Last night I was awakened four times as two of my three roommates (individually) came into the room, turned on all the lights, noticed I was sleeping, and immediately left.  They went about their nightly routines and then crept back in the room to sleep themselves.  I was able to settle down and somehow fall back asleep each time.  (Side note: light sleeper + jetlag telling your body it's 12pm and you should have been up hours ago = far from ideal.)  Then sometime just before 2am all hell broke loose.

My fourth roommate decided it was time to come home, and despite the fact that we're all sharing a bedroom in a family-oriented hostel (read: quiet time and communal lights out at 11pm), thought maybe it'd be fun to stomp around, throw heavy luggage to and from the top bunk, turn on a light, walk out, slam the door, walk in, slam the door, wrestle lord knows what into 17,000 loud plastic bags, rummage and shove and treat more luggage like a piƱata, slam the door again, you get the point.  This went on for more than two hours.  TWO HOURS.  I finally gave up after the first hour and came out to the communal space and fumed in the dark.  I couldn't sleep from the moment she came barging in (she! making so much noise you'd think she was a Sumo wrestler perfecting her moves) and laid there gritting my teeth and calling her a whole manner of imaginative and shall we say less than complimentary names in my head.  Then again, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a knack for attracting the most horrible and inconsiderate roommates on the face of the planet.  Sydney, anyone?  Do you know that my Sydney roommate was so bad that I've blacked out her name?  Seriously.  Try as I might, I can't remember her name for the life of me.  She was that bad.

So, all this to say that I managed to fall asleep just before 5am this morning but woke up with the sun, thinking it was 7 and immediately hopping to it, only to realize it was merely 6.  Six.  A measly hour to compensate for all that lost sleep.  Grrrrrr.

Here's hoping tonight is better and that I don't regret forgoing a nap (in the name of beating jetlag).  I've yawned my way through the better part of the week.  This has got to end.
HCSmooth66 says:
I'm glad you can black out the Syndey girls name. I'd have that burned into my memory. What did she do that was saw awful??
Posted on: Sep 28, 2009
huibdos says:
If you would have killed her, no jury would convict you:)
Posted on: Sep 23, 2009
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Arrived in Tokyo.  Fist on tap: shower.  Immediate second: bedtime for this bonzo.

More to follow when I can see straight.
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