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This morning I woke up early to catch the first bus to the Cameron Highlands.  I ate breakfast, checked my email, puttered around, and made it to the station with plenty of time to kill.  I waited and waited and waited, and finally they let us board the bus.  I sit down and it hits me: OH SHIT.  I forgot my towel at the hostel.  I don’t normally forget things.  Ever, really.  I consider myself an organized person, one who doesn’t leave things behind in hostels.  UGH.  So I sat there for a minute debating what to do.  Anyone else would have left it, and I nearly did, but then I’d have to pay for a towel at every hostel from here on out.  And those things are small and grody and don’t smell particularly fresh and inviting.  And I thought maybe the dudes at the hostel would mail it to me, and then two seconds went by and it was like yeah right I must be on crack.  I like my towel!  It’s MY towel and I paid good money for it, and it will have more than paid for itself by the time my trip is through.  (It’s already paid for itself twice over this far in.)  

So I did the unthinkable: grabbed my bags and ditched.  Went to the ticket counter and argued my way onto the next bus without having to pay for an additional ticket (the bus had empty seats, what difference does it make if I‘m on the early one or the late one, you thieves), and then schlepped alllllllll the way back to the hostel, hippopotamus and all.

When I got there, this look flashed across the guy’s face like what are you doing here?  Which is fair; he thought he had seen the last of me over an hour before.  But dude, at least try to conceal your displeasure.  I mean, seriously.  All I’m going to do is sit in the common area and kill time for a few hours, ain’t no sweat off your back.

I asked for a laksa recommendation, AGAIN, after having asked the same thing yesterday.  There were a handful of street food vendors set up down the street from the bus station, and I asked if they were any good.  “Oh no no no no!  Street food?!?”  Um, yeah, that’s generally where the good cooking is to be had.  He tried to direct me to the same food court as he did yesterday and it was like dude, I was there, no laksa to be had.  So then he sends me a few doors down to something called “Secret Recipe” or some baloney and says they have good laksa and it’ll only cost me fifteen ringgits.  Fifteen you say?  I should have nodded and smiled and followed my knee-jerk and checked out the street food, which would have been a fraction of the price and infinitely tastier.  Secret Recipe is a joke.  It’s just like any other chop shop chain restaurant: terrible food (terrible!), poor service, price marked up.  What is WITH people pointing tourists toward crap food?  I want GOOD food.  And I want laksa!  I’m in freaking Malaysia.  It’s the NATIONAL DISH.  Give me my laksa for crying out loud!

The hunt is on: laksa or bust, with less than a week to go.  I think I can do it.

Anyway, back to the dufus.  I’m so annoyed with myself.  Who does that?  My excuse is that it was pitch black in the room when I grabbed my bags and left this morning, and I had entirely packed and laid everything out the night before, so I wouldn’t disturb anyone.  The towel was draped over the foot of my bed to dry, just like always, and I was so pleased with having more than enough time and patting myself on the back for being early that I completely forgot the towel, lying there in the dark.  At the end of the day, it’s not a big deal.  I’ll arrive in Tanah Rata in the evening, as opposed to the early afternoon, but it’s ok.  I may stay an extra day to make up for it, if it’s as nice as they claim.  And I finally banged out some overdue writing, so that’s a good thing.  But still.  This dufus is not pleased with herself.
Kangkong says:
did you get your laksa...?
Posted on: May 25, 2010
Stigen says:
I know how it feels forgetting stuff...at least you were`nt on the bus...I was one hour on the bus away from my hostel in Nicaragua 2 months ago when I realized I`d forgotten my Lonely planet, jumped of the bus in the middle of the dessert , and hitched back on a dirty lorry..
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
mikkismith says:
Dufus, Jr.
Def made the right call.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2009
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