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Today Dave, Allan, and I spent the day at the beach.  The beach is a much larger expanse than in Cambodia, making it more appealing.  The water, however, is a bit brown and murky -- nowhere near the clear blue water I'm used to at home, and light years away from the water in Thailand -- and is much colder than I was expecting.  Not quite as chilly as the northeast's water in the summertime, but it's up there.  Brrrrr.

Being sensible Aussies accustomed to being torched in the sun and with fair skin like mine, we opted for chairs beneath a big shady umbrella.  There were no shortage of touts to hassle us; good grief it's like a never-ending stream of "Hello! You buy something!"  (They have an interesting approach to sales in this country.
  Always the imperative: "You buy something!")  We each brought books and spent the day stretched out, alternating between reading and commenting on our fellow beach-goers: eavesdropping on the three British dudes behind us, wondering why the four Dutch people next to us continued to buy things from the touts (don't they know it's people like them that keep the touts in business in the first place? tsk tsk!), marveling at the various states of torched-ness of pretty much everyone, and the best of all, a middle-aged European man who wore his underwear in the water, and upon returning put on a pair of knee-length mesh sports shorts, only to pull up the legs and tuck them into his crotch, like a fluffy Speedo or oversized diaper.  Did you get that mental image?  It's a great one.  If he weren't directly beside us we might have died laughing.  As it was I had to cover my face with my book.  Seriously dude?

The beach provides no shortage of entertainment.
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