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Today Dave, Allan, and I rented bikes and tooled around the area.  There's a small island immediately due south of here, so we crossed the bridge and peddled along the river and through the small neighborhood, in an attempt to take in some local life.  It was a leisurely ride but a sweaty one, as the sun was out in full force.  We stopped on our way back and had some cao lau for lunch (we had it last night for dinner and were eager for round two), the local dish similar to pho but with less broth, more fresh herbs, and a smaller serving size overall.  Pretty tasty stuff.

This evening Dave & Allan fly to Hanoi, where I will join them tomorrow.

  We had an hour or so to kill this afternoon before they needed to leave for the airport, so we rinsed off and headed to a cafe to mellow out for a bit.  The menu consisted of ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream, which basically meant all of our resolve evaporated as our mouths watered.  So splurge on overpriced western treats it was, with ice cream sundaes for all.  We each had three scoops (although that's not as gluttonous as it sounds, the scoops here are nowhere near "American" in size); I chose cinnamon, lemongrass, and coconut.  Mmmmm.  The ice cream wasn't even that good -- far too icy, not very creamy -- but we gobbled it up.  Cool, refreshing, felt good to indulge.  Afterward we lounged around reading in the shady breeze.
  It was the perfect ending to a great day.

On a related/curious note: No idea what today is, but it's a big national celebration of eighty years of something or another.  I'd also noticed the signs as I was leaving Ho Chi Minh, so it's definitely a nation-wide ordeal.  (The signs read 3 February, 1930 - 2010.)  There were offerings of all shapes and sizes -- our hotel's consisting of a pig's head, a variety of fruit, and so much incense it smoked the whole place out -- but we also saw flowers and cigarettes as popular alternatives.  We were subjected to loud (celebratory?) music blaring from loudspeakers pretty much everywhere we went, and by that I don't mean private establishments, I mean all up and down roads and local neighborhoods.  At the moment there's a rowdy parade of sorts streaming through Hoi An's Old Quarter.

I'll look it up (frustratingly, it's not in the guidebook), but in the meantime, anyone know what makes today so special?

sylviandavid says:
Meg, Sounds like you had a great day.... David would love the coconut ice cream... he always orders it when he sees it..... Happy Travels! sylvia
Posted on: Feb 03, 2010
fransglobal says:
According to the Footprint Guide to SE Asia, it's the anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam. I'm sure you're joining full swing in the celebrations.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2010
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