The name of this blog is not a reference to a questionable roadkill casserole.  Truth be told, I’m a vegetarian.  Actually, counterintuitive as it may seem, the name has nothing to do with food whatsoever.

When we were young, my dad read out loud to us each night after our baths.  We had, of course, several cult favorites that were no strangers to our nightly storybook cycle: Goodnight Moon, The Berenstein Bears, Where the Wild Things Are, Bony-Legs, The Velveteen Rabbit - you name it.  My dad would often carve taglines from the book at hand and give them a new meaning of their own.  In fact, a few gems still survive today.  “Fox and bunny and woodpecker stew!” was modified to mean “Bedtime.  Pronto.”  We’d scramble down from the couch and race to our bedrooms to be tucked in for the night.  It’s also one of the few bedtime-isms that still survives today (albeit, with irony and far less frequency).

Side note: I’ve racked my brain at length and unfortunately none of us can remember which book it came from.  I’ve searched high and low and have come up with nothing.  It’s a shame, really.  I’d love to get my hands on an old copy of whatever story possessed such a silly plot.  So, should any of you remember, I’m eager to hear.

In any event, “fox and bunny and woodpecker stew!” holds a place near and dear to my heart.  I thought it would be an apt heading for my ramblings as I travel over the coming months.  I’m hoping to capture glimpses of my experiences to share with you.  Thoughts, comments, non sequiturs welcome.