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I do not have time to write individual entries but here's to catch you all up to date:


We juct completed "day 4" of the trek.....holy moly....I wish i could upload photos to tell my story.  This is the 1st place that has internet along our way. Here's a brief recap of the journey:
Oct 4th: by far the funniest was when we got off the plane in Tibet thinking it was Nepal....Monique freaked out but I "hey Tibet is cool too" turns out you  can only arrive from India or Tibet  into Nepal...kinda like cuba for we americans. Our stay in Katmandu for the night before we began should us the poverty of the place. kids on the street ask you to buy them a biscut and not money...i of course was a sucker and took a couple to get food. Kat is pretty much coas. Chickens running around, dirty roads, traffic jams and horns honking at you reg bec you have to walk in the street since there are no sidewalks. We ate our 1st meal...ahh yummy Thai food just like Pei Wei :)
Oct 5th.: Spent the whole day in the car (8hrs with 1 hrs lunch) driving from Kat to Besisahara. Beautiful country side, farm lands and villages. Went abt 30 miles/hr traffic jams!!. Coke and Pepsi have plaster the small villages along the way with advertising.
Survival Camp....I mean my Trek:
Trek Day 1: I knew the toliets would be aweful like China (porcilin hole in the ground/ very smelly) but turns out this is also where the shower is....needless to say this is a huge mental factor to get over to take a COLD shower in..(there is now hot water on the trek so far). The room vary but are pretty tiny. enough for 2 small twin beds (meaning wooden bed with 2-4 inches of coushion) and samll place on floor for you bag. You also get so share the room with an assorment of bugs. Our guides say the bugs are natural so there is nothing he can do about it. Ya well they are also big sometimes! For what makes up for the sub-par living conditions is the actual 8-9 hrs of trekking a day! We are following a white water rapid river thru the valleys and snow capped mtns thru swaying tall rice grass farmlands. The days are long with a lot of up hill! I brought 2 friends along the trail with me the 1st day. 2 LEACHES yes blood sucking leeches had attached to my leg and I was completely bloody becasue they have anti-colloting saliva. bastards. But another guy oin our group got 6 leaches. Oh our group is a couple from Ventura (a stong fireman and swift water rescue man and his wife a nurse!!! So awesome), the other to is a guy from New Zealand and guy from London. We have 4 porters and 2 guides.
Trek Day 2: POURING RAIN....clothes, bag, shoes, jackets haven't really dried since. We are now talking mildewy, B.O. nasty smelly clothes but here in 2 days our stop has a real laundry place. Our guides quote for the day: "Expect everything."
Trek Day 3: another long trek day....I was relieved to get to a place with a "decent" (use the term losely) shower. but didn't feel to well before dinner but ate a big plate of Dal Bhat (Nepalese dish of white rice, potatoes, lentals and a spicy veggie) and my 9:45pm I had through up my entire dinner all over our front porch. Pretty much puked the rest of the night probably from bad water (only need one drop to c\get sick according to our nurse friend, potentially from the shower or one of the many river crossing we had to do taking off our boots to cross since we'd had sooo much rain.
Trek Day 4 (today): pulled myself out of bed and got back on the trail....did not eat until 3:30pm and sleep at each of our breaks. one of the guides graciously carried my bag during the 1 hour of straight up hill...i was weak and tired but made it here. We got the part of the trail with the white snow capped mtns in the distance so the beautiful views got me thru the tough day....i am out of the woods with the stomach bug but still a little s\tired ans weak..
Despite it all we are still glad we came...we think...the 1st few days have been rough with the wet conditions and adjusting to our new environment but it is beyond beauitul here and the hikes are wonderful (sans illiness)!
Have to go!
TCalvert says:
Sounds "rustic!" Be safe, have fun and see you when you get back.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2009
AndMey says:
I now remember all the memories I repressed roughing it. Sounds like you're with a good group, I am soooo jealous.

Posted on: Oct 09, 2009
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