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A few months before finalizing my decision to travel to India, there was this big news about rape case at one of the most famous beaches of Goa.  It did not bother me as I thought, this kind of thing can happen anywhere in this world.  Wherever we are, as a female traveler, we just need to be extra careful

 This trip was supposedly full 10 days of “yoga retreat” bust since my approved vacation fell on one of the monsoon months in India; I did not book any yoga retreat package and called it my “Monsoon Trip” instead.  I continued my trip as I was sort of longing for some raindrops after being in the sunny Dubai for most of the year.  Plus, rain or shine, I was hoping to make interesting photographs in India.  I expected heavy rains when I arrived on August 22, 2017 only to get welcomed by a perfect sunshine and sweat with my denim jacket.  For the first few days it was raining mostly at night or sometime during daytime but most of the days until September 2, 2017 it was sunny.  So I still get to do my yoga and it did not cost me a lot when I booked my sessions personally which is great.   I paid only INR400 per session at the Beach House, which saved me a lot of money. 

I stayed in Silver Sands Hotel close to the beach of Colva.  The service was good, internet is a bit slow and sometimes missing signals, foods were great in the hotel and the rate was friendly for such a big room with swimming pool view.  I loved Goan foods especially the Chicken/Prawn Xacuti, Masala Crab, etc. etc. etc.

Nail spa was fabulous.  For only INR400 manicure with spa, my hands were treated like precious gems.

The churches of Goa are incredible.  I could stare at their altars for long period of time.  This city is a mixture of holiness and wildness.  If you are up to partying, this is for you.  If you are up to visiting different churches this is also for you.  If you like a clean city, you might consider traveling to other country instead as I did not find the streets of Goa very clean.  This is the smallest state in India but also the most popular for both local tourists from all over India and foreigners from all over the world especially Russians.  Most tourists visit here to enjoy the beaches, visiting churches, great foods, vibrant markets, yoga retreats, even casinos and parties, all infused with the captivating blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures. 

Although the city is very westernized, there is still so much to explore and love and many locals are still conservative and religious. 

Being raised in Mindoro Island, literally next to a white sand beach which is super clean and water is crystal clear; I did not like the beaches of Goa at all.  They are not very clean and I could see many stray dogs.  I love dogs, I just could not bear the sight of hungry, skinny and unloved dogs at the beach where I supposed to relax.  At Colva Beach, I could see a local man feeding them and giving them love and attention.  Salute to him.   It seemed to me that Goa is home to many good hearted real Goans.

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