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Getting a kiss from Lexie

I was not so looking forward to work in Dubai until I heard I was going to work with about 70 different nationalities.  But this turned out to be just the second thing that I like when I reached the city. 

The first thing that I really like about it is the attitude that everything is possible.  It was amazing to see one of the world's biggest projects today like the Palm Island and to witness the Grucci Team's hard work to achieve the Guinness World Record during the grand opening of the Atlantis Hotel which is located at the crescent of the Palm.


The greeneries in South East Asiawere missed when I looked at the empty sandy lot.  But that doesn't mean its all sand everywhere.  Dubai may be a desert but it is doing best to keep the greens.

The Leap of Faith in Aquaventure
  I could see beautiful flowers on my way to work every single day even in the hottest months.


Alcohol is now an acceptable part of life for the tourists in the UAE.  However, you have to have a Liquor License to be able to buy your own drinks and party at home.  If not, alcohol could only be consumed in hotels and bars like the Barasti-Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai Marina.  This is one of the most popular bars in Dubai and it was crowded when my colleagues and I went there even though it was raining.  Even a non-drinker like me would enjoy it because they have Live Music, DJ, Dance Floor, TV Sports, Sisha for those who like to smoke, seafood, lounge on the beach to soak up the sun at day time and the view of the gulf and the Palm Island is fantastic.  Plus, there is a small swimming pool but I didn't see anyone swimming.

Enjoying the crazy ride in the desert
  Perhaps, it is saved for someone very drunk!

And uh!..I found a secret. It is still possible to buy liquor without a license because one time in my door, I saw restaurant fliers and a business card indicating different kinds of liquor for sale.  But if your company provides 24/7 security, you might have someone knocking at your door to ask for your license and confiscate your drinks and not forgetting, report you to the Human Resources. 


Local married ladies are covered in black when they are in public but foreigners are free to wear skimpy shorts or skirts.  No police officer will arrest you unlike in other Arab countries.  For women travelling to the UAE, it is not a scary place.  In fact, I found it safer than other cities I have been to so far. 


During the cold months, I would always shiver while waiting for the bus.

The Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm
  I've gotten used at that so when the summer started, I had to go to Dubai mall and skate.  They have posh shopping malls here with ice rink, a ski area and even a huge aquarium with sharks. 


If you would like to see the Palm Island, I suggest that you go directly to Atlantis, The Palm where you could get to swim at the Aquaventure for only AED200.  If you don't mind spending more, you could also swim and interact with the Dolphins.  There are different restaurants there like NOBU, Seafire, Ossiano (which has an underwater view) Saffron (my favorite and the one that I can afford J which has a huge chocolate fountain and dinner buffet is fantastic).

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Getting a kiss from Lexie
Getting a kiss from Lexie
The Leap of Faith in Aquaventure
The Leap of Faith in Aquaventure
Enjoying the crazy ride in the des…
Enjoying the crazy ride in the de…
The Grand Opening of Atlantis, The…
The Grand Opening of Atlantis, Th…
The day before the Grand Opening o…
The day before the Grand Opening …
I took this photo when I fell down
I took this photo when I fell down
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This is an amazing project at the crescent of the Palm island. Check this out when you are in Dubai
photo by: vances