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Well, you read the title alrite..
My flight scheduled to depart in 15.05, it was exactly when I stepped my foot on the airport. Hopelessly I entered AirAsia sales office in Terminal 3 Sukarno Hatta Airport Jakarta only to informed that they don't have any flight to Yogyakarta on that day. Next door is Mandala Airlines which just sold their last ticket to Yogyakarta few minutes ago. Drag my bag and jump in to shuttle bus heading to Terminal 1 where they have the rest of domestic-route airlines. On the bus I called-just-to-let-them-know; Mario-my boyfriend, who's partly responsible for me being fashionably late (and blame the rest on the traffic of course) and Astrid who's on her way to the airport also for 7PM flight to Yogyakarta, and Jorrit who's definitely gonna kill me if I failed to get to Yogyakarta that day.
In Terminal 1, where the situation always reminds me of typical Indonesian bus stations or traditional market, I entered Lion Air office, and they offer me 5PM flight ticket to Yogyakarta for 1 million IDR. I didn't feel like swearing so I just tried another airlines, but apparently the price range won't be much far from the first offer. At sudden a man come to me and ask if I was the girl looking for tiket to Yogya for today, I said yes, and e offered me ticket under the name Mr. David (?!) for 5PM flight to Yogya by Lion Air for 600.000 IDR. I put my couldn't-care-less face, and manage to get the ticket for 500.000 IDR instead. Although i still felt that it's not a fair price but I took it anyway. Couldn't risk Jorrit to pull any efforts trying to kill me. Again, I called-just-to-let-them-know; Mario-my boyfriend, who's kinda already hoping to pick me back from the airport and Astrid who's just arrived in the airport, and Jorrit who promised to pick me up at the airport.
Met Astrid and we try to get her also in 5PM flight, but didn't work cos her ticket was a promo.
So there I was asleep on my solo flight to Yogya, arriving around 6PM. I felt the urges to grab some caffeine so I texted Jorrit to find me at Dunkin Donut stall. They have nice cappuccino, you know. It surprised me to find how tan he become, not the pale foreigner I found lingering around in the airport few weeks ago. So apparently he got there by ojek, and we didn't know any other option of transportation to get out of the airport except taxi. We strolled our way to Malioboro. Dropped off in Sosrowijayan street and I notice firstly, Bladok Hostel. Nice small garden resto, pretty packed with tourist, I can tell. And there I found the sign "Sorry, we're full". D*mned!! Browse for some other hostel near that area, but I already in love with Bladok and I didn't want no other.
So instead of getting me checked in, we're heading to Mirota Batik to meet the gank; Dian, Gwen, Candy and Eph. Mirota Batik located in the other end of Malioboro Street from Sosrowijayan, and Jorrit refused to have becak or delman ride, he said those are just another form of slavery (me: "yeah, but..."). Really glad to meet the gank again, we picked a spot in the rooftop cafe, order some beer and just chit-chating while Gwen, Dian and candy went shopping for souvenirs. I couldn't reached Astrid, she supposed to arrive in Yogya at 8PM and it was nearly 9PM and her cellphone still dead. Then we're off to have dinner, guess where? Right in front of Sosrowijayan Street.
Thank God that Jorrit being so nice to carry my bag along the way.
We picked one of the lesehan food stalls. And finally Astrid join us, with a friend of hers who's living in Yogyakarta, named Arif. I'm not that hungry so we ordered one plate of nasi Goreng for two (that's me and Astrid) while Jorrit ate 2 plates of em..sjeez. After dinner we're off to Sosrowijayan (again) I showed Astrid Bladok Hostel and still insist that we should stay there. Astrid had to drag me from the receptionist counter begging for room to the hostel just in the opposite of Bladok. There we checked in to a really crappy room. Well, I know for sure what 'crappy' defines, this one is CRAPPY with capital. It was even that crappy that I can't remember the name of the hotel. The room was about 2,5 x 2,5 m with two single beds, no blankets but they give us soaps instead, even though the bathroom and toilet is shared.
No aircon but they gave us one lousy and noisy fan. I really hope we can move to Bladok the next morning, so for that night, I gotta bear it.
Me, Astrid, Arif, Jorrit, Candy and Eph continuing the night heading to this bar really near our Hostel called Inferno or Devil or Satan.. hmm, not sure...wait I gota check it first. *runs to picture folder*..ah! Lucifer it is!! Hahahahaha...I remember Eph told me not to worry cos he's a son of a preacher.. (yeah, so?)
They had live band performing classic rock such as Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, etc! we're almost karaokeing! And oh, apparently Jorrit and Eph pretty well known there. They welcomed them warmly as if they're premium guests..
~to be continued~
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photo by: siscalustiawati