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Seems appropriate to start with this, as it is the first word of Hindi we learned and memorized before arriving here in Delhi.
It is used for "hello" or "goodbye", and obviously we used it every time we could. Actually, in Delhi, it is far more common to simply say "hello" or "goodbye", but you won't get as big a smile in return.

So here it is, after one month and 13 days in India, it is time to launch the blog to keep you guys up to date. Stay tuned, lots to come!
We'll write mostly in English so everybody understands, but we might slip into our mother tongues from time to time when we feel like it.

Telling you guys now what's been happening for the last one and a half month would keep me up all night, but we'll get into that in the weeks to come. For now, here it is in a nutshell:
Daï-Linh has had anthropology courses almost since day one and obviously spends most of her days at the university. Luckily, her schedule allows us to take long weekends from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. I have started some Photoshop courses at a local animation and cinematic academy, because I like it, it keeps me busy, and I get to meet people. Actually, it turns out I have the same amount of classes as some exchange students:-) Still, this is very very temporary.
We spent the first two weeks here looking for a flat. As the international relations department of Delhi University (DU) gave us no help whatsoever (on the contrary, they were stalling their buts off!) it took a little more sweat, tears and blood than expected, but we finally managed to get a nice two-rooms flat in a quiet neighborhood (a luxury in this 11,000 inhabitants/sq km city!) and close to both the brand new metro and the university campus.
Daï-Linh is also following Hindi classes three times a week, courtesy of the International department of DU. I tried to attend, but got kicked out after the first class, because I'm just not enough of an exchange student... Anyway, this has proven to be a good meeting place for the eager-to-travel foreign students. And of course, it is always handy to pick up some Hindi, as only a small minority speak English in India (someone told us it was around 10%).

Lots to tell though, and we'll do our very best to get you up to date and drag you along our whole journey.
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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic