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Three stops for bathroom breaks and just under 5 hours, with Rob working on his computer at least half the time, and we were entering Berlin. The highway system and city street layout is so much easier to navigate than Frankfurt am Main. It gives me a headache. Anyway, we easily found our way to the hotel and checked in. The Hollywood Hotel……okay! We were on the French, Italian, and Eastern European actors floor. We were in the Jan Kiepura room, whoever that is???? Google him!


I got a city map and planned out my route to Museum Island as Rob’s meetings would last until 6 or 6:30pm.

I wanted to return to the Bode Museum. We had been in Berlin in November of 2007 and had a very rushed visit. I figured out the easiest way to take the U-bahn , just one change. I realized when I was on the train that I didn’t have my phone. This was going to be a problem as Rob was to text me when he has finished. We were going to meet in the center and go to a restaurant that we enjoy. Well, I knew that I was going to just have to come all the way back and get him, for dinner.


 Anyway, I wanted more time to enjoy the Bode as it has some great works of medieval artists and later. Most art is of religious composition but, they were some of the only people who could afford to commission art, at that time. I’m fascinated by religious art and how it differs from culture to culture or even just by region.

This is a great place to explore a bit of that on the European side. There are some Egyptian pieces here but only a small collection. There is a nice coin collection going back to 6 century BC. There are also devices that were used to mint coins in the 18th century exhibit and a look at forgery techniques at different time periods. There is also a nice Byzantine collection that includes mosaic pieces.  I took pictures of many of my favorite works and will explain them further, there.


 It was getting close to closing time. The 15 minute reminder had sounded. I was moving up to the last piece of art that I wanted a closer look at and to photograph. There was a guard already in this room. He moved closer and just stood there. A lady with the museum also walked over and took her place on the other side of me. I am just trying to have my moment and take a photo.

They just stand there. I’m infuriated. I turn to the lady and with a frowning face she points to the exit. I told her that I would be here a few more moments to enjoy the painting and take a picture. She just stood there as did the man. So…..I took my time and studied it and then took a few photos. I then turned to them both and said that I was done now and would be leaving, with a frowning face on me!!!


Leaving the Bode, and Museum Island, the sun was in my face all the way back to the U-bahn but, it was a wonderful walk along the river. Across the river from the Bode, many people were lined up along the river in a park like setting with a café but, with a few live palm trees. They had beach chairs and were enjoying the sun, also.


I stopped in a little shop to pick up a few postcards and then I was back to navigating underground Berlin.

A got back to the hotel room and Rob had an inquisitive look on his face when answering the door as he wasn’t expecting me. He had just text me about meeting for dinner and was awaiting my response. I told him of my not having the phone. We searched everywhere in the room and did not find the phone. After a lengthy discussion about what and where, we decided that it must have been left in the room in Freidrichsdorf in the covers on the bed or under the pillow. Rob called and they had found it and given it to someone with Bose.


We then tried to call the Jewish restaurant that we fell in love with on our first trip to Berlin (Rimon). The first attempt was a misdial as we’d called someone’s house, oops! Rob rechecked the number and called again, busy signal. We went to the reception and asked if the number looked correct, if had enough digits or too many or a code incorrect.

She said it looked fine and attempted to call….busy signal. She looked on the internet and confirmed the number. She said that the busy signal usually meant that the number was out of order. We decided to risk it and go, anyway. It was a hike so, after 2 U-bahn trains and 1 S-bahn train and little walking, we find the spot that we think it occupies but, there is a different name and there are no lights on…on a Tuesday evening. We ask one of the security men guarding the Jewish community center. He can’t speak English but, is able to convey that it is closed….forever!


So…now we are foraging, never a good thing for the two of us. We get bitchy when we are hungry with no plan, and we were. We looked around that area and were not satisfied with the menus. They were all Italian or tapas. That’s fine but, that day we had Italian for lunch and the previous evening, tapas for dinner.

I just wanted something different. So, getting very frustrated, I just said that we should go to a grocery and go back to the room as it was getting late and Rob had an early meeting on Wednesday.


We made our way, part of the way back and decided to look around Potsdammer Platz for a restaurant. We settled on a mediocre Mexican with very slow service. It was a disappointment and only reinforced our commitment to never leave for diner without a plan.


It was worth the effort to try to eat at Rimon but, we had no back up. Finally fed and tired, we returned to the room, I wrote while Rob tended his garden on Facebook. Then time for bed. What will I do in Berlin, tomorrow? There’s so much to choose from.

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