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Ok if you've never heard this song you've been under a rock or freeze-dried for the last 30 yrs so I recomend you come out from under there or thaw you'reself. As you can see I've made it back to the hole to finish out my last few months. I did manage to get over to Dunlop on the 15th and had a look about. Not much there but a gorgeous place. Check out the pics in my photo album.
I left my beloved Scotland on the 16th and flew back to Kuwait, arriving just after midnight. I tell you it was really hard to leave there as I've never felt more at home in a place as I did in Scotland. I honestly felt like I made it back home. As I waited in the airport I met an oil worker named Alan D. who was from Scotland and also en-route back to Kuwait to work. We had some laughs and shared a couple of beers along the way and I hope to hang out with him again soon. After we touched down in Amsterdam we stopped for a minute for him to have a smoke and me to have a sandwich at the bar and then we hurried to our flight. In the gate area I met up with Chris T. on his way back from Georgia and when we got on board Jay F. also joined us and the good part was we all sat next to each other. Jay was a little sloshed when he met up with us so me an Chris got him dried out on the way back. By the time we got back he was good to go again. It was funny as we were landing I was listening to my mp3 player and the Thin Lizzy song "The Boys are back in Town" started playing and thats about what it felt like. Tucker and I are both short timing. We came in on the same plane back in March and neither of us are planning to do anymore time here. We have 16.73 weeks left so I know I'm looking forward to getting out of here.
I do want to take the opportunity to thank the good people of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverkeithic and Dunlop who saw me through my journey and who made it memorable. From the cabbies running the black cabs to the barmaids keeping the drinks flowing to my Scottish firefighting brothers I bid you all thanks! Y'all I have given me a ton of good memories that I'm not soon to forget.
You know this trip was the best thing I ever decided to do. Before I left I was stressed and had no clue of what I was going to do when contract time came. Now after a few days away I know exactly what I'm going to do. And that in and of itself was worth the money. I can't wait to go back to Scotland and maybe if I'm lucky I could get a good job and work there a few years. Who knows?
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Kuwait City
photo by: Owens