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I just watched Chris jump 10 feet and yell, "Whoa!" as a little lizard fell from above the door frame onto his shoulder.  No matter how much you pay for a room in Thailand this is always a possibility.  Earlier I found a large cockroach right before I turned on the water in the shower.  I don't automatically scream anymore, it seems like the situation is always survivable and not even that startling anymore.  I look a closer look and determined this one was way too be for me to crush, besides this one was kinda cute little WALL_E's little pet.  Chris wasn't as merciful and handled the situation so that it wouldn't possibly "crawl all over our faces while we slept"- OK, I'll agree with that

We are staying at

We found the Treehouse on Lonely Beach last night after a long walk down a dark, muddy path.  It was wonderful, all lit up with lanterns and decked out with hammocks and floor cushions.  The food was just the same as we remembered it and the prices were the best we have found yet here on Koh Chang.  Even Poo (yes, Poo) was there, the lady who ran the desk when we all met up here two years ago with Rebecca, James and Dave. The bungalows on Lonely Beach have been sold but the Restaurant still offers the free shuttle service to Treehouse Long Beach every morning at 10am.  We leave tomorrow, rain or shine, but with anticipation.  Amiee could have the bay any day now, and the closest Internet connection/ international calling center is over an hour away from Long Beach!  Every morning  I wake up and wonder if the baby was born last night, if Amiee is OK, what is the baby's name, does it have a head full of hair just like she did when she was born or is it nearly bald like Nathan was :) So much excitement, joy, anticipation and sadly so much distance,but I am thinking about them and all of you, wondering what you would think of Wall-E's little friend, if anyone would care to join me for an elephant ride, if anyone has their Halloween costume picked out yet.  You are always close to my heart.

*Chris let the lizard live and named it Link, it hides behind the curtains, waiting for the next unsuspecting tourist  to startle

Treehouse pics


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Hello again to all.  We have moved to Bang Bao beach from White Sand beach. We found very simple and rustic beach bungalows at the far southwest tip of the Island. the name is K.K. Beach Huts, its got a thatched roof and a mattress on the floor, no aircon and an open air bathroom with a toilet that doesn't flush. We have to use a bucket of water to flush it! One good thing is we do have hot water shower but I think if 2 or more bungalows use the shower at the same time  the power goes out! good thing we have our head lamps! We have set up our bungalow to make it our small little home for maybe a week or so. they give you a discount the longer you stay and we also have a beautiful small stretch of beach with chairs, umbrellas, beach bar and restaurant. No towels, toilet paper or even garbage sacks, we have to supply our own. Also good thing we have all of these things, we thought we overpacked but so far everything is being used for a good purpose! We are maybe a 20 minute walk from Bang Bao pier wich is a small fishing village on a pier over the water it has all the necessities we need laundry, convienant store, INTERNET, restaurants, shops, and even a bakery! Finally not raining anymore, but very humid. 2 days ago we rented a motobike for the day and drove all over the Island, of course forgot to put sunblock on when wearing only tank tops, so Chalain and I have some pretty good ole American style farmers sunburn (lookin kinda redneck). Next we drove up to the Klong Prao waterfall about a 500 meter hike, it was AWESOME! The waterfall was big and powerful do to the nonstop rain we had just endured! Well I think Chalain wants to write something so i will sign off, but first I would like to say hello to my good friends Alex and Heather, Rachel, Michelle, Rob and Andrea and to Chalain's family. We havent stopped thinking about any of you, We love you all!!!!!!!!

Chalain says:

Everything is starting to look like the hula hooping, beach hippie hut escape we were looking for, away for all the upscale tourist hotels, which also means far away from the touts with their endless questions.  Away from all the strange speedo wearing european men walking ackwardly with young Thai women. Away, away, away.  I think we have found the "campground" of the island, so less money on room and more for food and drink, the watermelon shakes cool us off from the inside out and constant tunes flowing out of our ipod speakers put us in the perfect mood :)


Hello again, we finally made it to Koh chang. Let me tell you it wasn't easy. But first some good news talk about a small world. We were standing in the lobby of our hotel and chalain got a tap on her shoulder she turned around and it was our good friends from korea Eric and his girlfriend Gi gi gi. We were so happy to see them that we went ahead and said screw our budget lets drink!!! They are currently Backpacking around Asia also. Its so great to see a familiar face! So after our night of heavy drinking we made it to the local bus station With 3 minutes to spare, it was a Air con bus But about an hour into our ride the aircon broke so everyone started sweating like crazy so we pulled over and had to wait an our and a half for the next bus that was over crowded and we had to stand in the middle aisle not fun! After 8 hours of a supposed 5 hour bus ride we had arrived. Then we got to the ferry pier to catch the last one but it was so windy due to the typhoon that killed 200 people in Manilla Philippines, the wind pushed us as soon as we left and the ferry got beached in shallow water so we had to wait another hour for them to get a tugboat and tow us out! Finally after leaving Bangkok at 11 am we got to the Island of Koh Chang at about 10 pm! one long hot sticky day! Eric will probably meet up with us for a couple of days here on the Island. The weather over here isn't that great right now due to the storm and becuase its the tail end of rainy season so its very overcast but the breeze feels nice in the hot humidity of thailand. Now we are just chilling out getting our laundry done using the internet and picking up on some small essentails. Well I will say goodby for now, and write when we have more news to share!! Peace to All!!!!!!!
sylviandavid says:
sounds like an adventure.
Posted on: Oct 02, 2009
Koh Chang
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