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Ok so its been a couple weeks since the last entry, lets see if I can remember everything! We finally got lucky and the rain stopped the exact same day we went to long beach. We were going to stay at the Tree house again but when we got there we discovered a new Bungalow style guest house right down the beach. Its owned by a french guy named Yaan very awesome dude who also is practices Buddism. All in all a very laid back place. We snorkeled every day we saw squids, octopus, jellyfish, barracuda, lion fish, and many cool shells to my surprise still had living things in them! I just want to say thank you to Barry and Diana for letting us use the snorkel gear it got a lot of use. We had 2 weeks of beautiful whether we even got to see a lighting storm right on top of us with no rain Kind of scary but very cool. Just a lot of lying around and now we have great tans. Well I did help Yann get the truck unstuck from the thick red clay mud, calf deep mud! That was fun! While there Our famous backpacker game came in handy, we met a couple from Madrid, Spain and a couple from Belgium and a woman from England, all very nice and interesting people. Our last day there we treated ourselves to the Koh Chang spa for a day very relaxing Its rated as a top 50 spa in the world so WOOOOHOOO! Yes we were there!

So the day we left Koh Chang was not planned so well. We waited for a taxi for an hour then we waited for the ferry for an hour then the hour long ferry ride, then the hour long wait at the bus station, then the 2 hour long ride to Cambodia in a minni bus. 4 hour travel time turned into 9 hours Yipppie! Of course me being the biggest and tallest guy there on the bus I was stuck sitting all the way in the back with I mean absolutely no leg room and the back bench is raised about a foot higher then all the other seats, so I also had no Head room and I mean chin to chest. Neck cramps to come later! so we finally arrive at the boarder crossing maybe 20 minutes before it closed, lucky us. Now we have to pay night time prices. The hadleck boarder crossing is a scam in itself very shady! so we hired a taxi that took us to a bridge in the middle of the jungle and its pitch black, did I mention Chalain lost her head lamp!! so we get out and cant see a thing but then a man in a boat appears and says hello, Rainbow lodge, we said YES. everything is good. Next we travel up a jungle river in Cambodia at night, It strangely reminded me of Apocalyps now! The lodge was great we had 3 course meal every night, went kayaking to a waterfall also took a boat up river to some rapids saw tons of birds, butterflys and lizards! I also made friends with thier brand new kitten that they saved from a market! very peaceful there except our last night when we woke up to a guy in the next bungalow having a nightmare, yelling in his sleep "GET IT Off ME, GET IT OFF ME!!" Then I thought wait a second this is the jungle Just maybe there was something crawling on him for real! so we stayed 4 nights there, the whole place is run on solar power too. so that Brings me to today we have arrived to Sihanoukville its a very corrupt beach town. we plan on staying for 2 nights just enough time to get our Vietnam visas and find the cash machine, and of course the ever so needed internet. We are staying at a place called Cloud 9 A nice cliff side bungalow over looking the ocean. Did I mention that Cambodia is the 14th ranked most corrupted country in the WORLD! Every one is trying to get their hands on our money in one way or another, the country side here is very Beautiful though. so that brings me to now, next we must get to the city of Kampot before the 3 day Holiday this weekend Ive heard its crazy to try and travel during this time. So we will lay up there for a couple of days. There is an old french Hotel from the early 1900's that was later used as a Kmer fortress used in their fight against Vietnam, still riddled with bullet holes. Ive been told this place is pretty spooky, I guess a Matt Dillon movie was also filmed there! Well that's enough for now. More stories to come later. I hope you were all entertained, Peace out to all who reads this!! Chalain also says HI!!


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