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It was almost 4:00 pm when we made our way through the maze that is Frankfurt streets. It's insane, even with the Tom Tom. I wouldn't want to try it without it! We were directed to the underground parking in Romer, Old Town center. After finding a spot that I could live with, we parked the car and headed up the stairs.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, we were rewarded with a location in the middle of the main sqare of Old Town. I remember it but, It's even better now. I appreciate it more than I did when we visited 3 1/2 years ago. It seems like a lifetime ago. In a way, it was a different life, then.

 It was only my second trip to Europe. Rob was on a market swing of Europe.

It would take me back to London but would show me many firsts. It was my first time in Amsterdam, Brussels, Monte Carlo, Nice, Eze, Cannes, St. Tropez, Aix en Provence, Frankfurt, Koln, Rome, and Florence. I told Rob after that trip that I wanted to live in Europe, and here we are. After visiting 53 countries, I still find Frankfurt has charm and beauty.

It was a sunny and warm afternoon. A great place to be on such a nice day. There were families enjoying a day's stroll and toursits photographing everything German (old and new).

We first went into St Nikolai Church. It's a smaller church on Romerberg that has been beautifully restored.

We took an opportunity, this time, to explore the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomaus. It's a classically tall German Cathedral that has beginnings in the 8th century.

It suffered terrible destruction in World War II but, the spire survived and much of the wall structure. The rest has been beautifully rebuilt. There were some old pictures from archives that will show you what it looked like after the war.  There were many ancient pieces of religious art and altar pieces Gothic, Baroque and others. It's quite a showcase of artistic creativity.

We stopped in a shop with handcrafted nutcrackers in the window. They had many great examples of the craft. They also had many clocks and miniatures scenes of daily life and fairy tales. There were tiny clowns and bears with balancing arms so that they could rock, back and forth. The clown was wearing a tie that when he rocked would swing back and forth.  It was a treasure chest of wooden crafts.

We bought a few of the tiny wooden pieces. They were just so cute.

We had a quick stop for Rob to have a hotdog with potato salad, which he said was tasty.

After this we tried to go to the history museum which according to the travel guide was to close at 6:00 pm. Once inside, they said that they were about to close and turned us away. We walked out disappointed.

Rob suggested that we take a walk down the river front. Once closer, I saw a boat with people on it  and jokingly said "wouldn't it be nice to take a river cruise". There was a ticket booth and people buying tickets so, we went up to it and bought ours for the sailing in 10 minutes, perfect timing. It was meant to be. We climbed to the uppermost deck for the best vantage point. We chose a table and chairs near the stern of the boat and ordered 2 glasses of reisling.

It's our favorite type of wine.

As we left the dock, the view began to unfold. The contrast between old and new is dramatic from the water and at a distance. Classic German Rhine, Gothic, Baroque, neo Renaissance, and metal and glass form the city skyline. The tour was 50 minutes and took us north and into the port area and back. It was a smooth and peaceful ride.

Upon return, we decided to have dinner. We walked to the pedestrian area in the newer part of town. Rob was tying to retrace his steps to a restaurant the we ate at with Lori (co-worker) 3 1/2 years ago. On the way we spotted a 17th - 18th century palace that was in the beginning process of being lifted off of it's foundation to be moved forward to make room for a massive skyscrapper. Fast forward to today, it's been moved and beautifully restored and there is a massive 30+ story bulind complex behind it.

  I'm amazed that it was moved, successfully.

Just down the street, a block, Rob found the tapas restaurant (Review) that he was looking for. It has a nice atmosphere and good food, not great but, good food.

During dinner, Rob revealed an exciting possibility for relocation (in a couple of years). I can't say what it is but, it would be very exciting for us. All I can say is: better weather and close to fantastic beaches.

After dinner, Rob was able to find the shoe shop, down from the restaurant, where he had found boots that he really regreted not purchasing (3 1/2 years ago), luckily they were closed. They had some nice things in the window.

Now 8:30 pm and dark, we walked back to the garage. We still had a 25 minute drive to Freiderichsdorf, to the hotel.

It was an easy drive, sort of, mostly through the subburbs of Frankfurt and road construction.

There was a mix-up with the room being a single not a double but fixed easily (Review). The room was small but comfy. The bed was strange that it was on an angle in the room. Rob went to get us some snacks and water while I tried to cennect to WiFi - no luck. We tried for 45 minutes on my computer and gave up. Rob connected so, I worked on the Iceland blog on his while we watched Green Acres on DVD on mine. I kept having uploading issues and finally gave up, very late. Aaarrgghh.


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