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Let's talk about coffee. Ethiopia is the place for holidaymakers in search of decent caffeine shots. But the quality of the beans exported by Yemen and Colombia is arguably as good. The Yemeni are more into drinking tea, and their bunn is a far cry from what we consider coffee. In Colombia excellent espresso can be found, but the more popular tinto is rather watery. So Ethiopia wins gold - it's also the cradle of coffee consumption and the word itself probably came from the Kaffa region overthere. The quality is always great - from the smallest towns to the one served by your stewardess on the Ethiopian Airlines flight. Espresso, macchiato or cappuccino. They even like chewing gum with coffee flavour. But the best is when you get the freshly roasted and grinded beans during a coffee ceremony. Only that habit of adding salt instead of sugar which I encountered in some places did not really do it for me. But hey, this is just me talking - so come over to my place and try for yourself which one you fancy.

There are other reasons to visit Ethiopia though. This country is strikingly different from any other place I have been to in Africa. The food is unique and very tasty. Ethiopians start counting hours at sunrise, they have thirteen months and celebrated the beginning of their third millenium just two years ago. The way they dance shaking their shoulders made it clear to me Michael Jackson must have picked up some of his moves around here. Even the way people shake hands is different. Every single busride in the country showed truely amasing scenery. And on top of that you will find a rich history visible in fantastic sites like Lalibela - a true wonder of the world.

After five weeks I left Ethiopia wondering what Africa would have looked like today if the Europeans wouldn't have scrambled for the continent.
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