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GROKS-LORD-ROYAL name changes DO NOT go into this bar in Riga as they will rip you off with bills as high as 2,000 euro for a few drinks and threaten you with violence if you don't pay. It's rumoured that it is being run by the Russian mafia SO BEWARE!

This is a warning to anyone thinking of going to Riga in Latvia. There is a certain section of bars and clubs which focus on ripping off tourists with large bar bills, followed by coercion and threatening violence to those who don't want to pay. This happened to friends of mine in a bar formerly known as Groks (THE BAR IN THE PHOTO HERE), which was changed to Lord and is presently called Royal. This may now have changed it's name again due to the bad publicity it has received from operating this scam, so check it out first. This isn't the only bar operating the sting and the American Embassy has issued a list of bars to avoid, most of them are in and around the Old Town. Lots of reluctant bill payers have been beaten up when they have refused to pay.

Here's another horror story from Riga (www.virtualtourist.


Planning a trip to Riga? Cheap place, friendly people, no trouble. right? WRONG! Oh my god. Ive now travelled all over the world, and this place is the biggest rip off in the world. A 5 minute taxi ride = 8 Lats (8 pounds, 12 Euros), this was not just one taxi, this was every taxi. This is with or without the meter. Also, beer = 1.5-3 Lats, London prices my friends. Nightclub entrance, 5 Lats, what do the locals pay? 0.5 Lats. This is also the unfriendliest place i have EVER been to. I heard about the bad reputation this place had before i went, i just thought i could avoid several wallet lootings, but there was no reasoning with these unfriendly eastern european idiots. Why go to Eastern Europe, when your going to be paying Barcelona/Milan/London prices? And to top it off, random attacks for no reason on my english counterparts left us all feeling very very angry. Any help from the police? Bouncers? Absolutly no chance! This place will be a flash in the pan as for as tourism is concerned, and once this places bad reputation catches up, the rip off bars, taxis, restaurants, hotels and everyone else can go back to working in a factory for zero money. I strongly advise you to go elsewhere

Warning from the Norwegian Embassy

In his letter to The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga, Latvia, Frode explained what happened when some Norwegians were visiting Lord Pub on December 25, 2008. After this visit they had to pay 77 lat (1200 NOK/120 euro) for two beers and two drinks.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga, Latvia, has responded to Frode`s letter. They write in the letter that it`s important to get messages about this kind of incidents. Then they can use this information when they are explaining about the problem to Latvian authorities.

It is rumoured that the Russian Mafia actually own Groks-Royal-Lord (or whatever its called nowadays). See the following quote from an incident in May of this year for an example of this con game:

Riga, Latvia - Latvian police say a Briton who bit off a bouncer's ear in a bar fight could face criminal charges.

Police say the 32-year-old British tourist claimed he was given a huge bill in a night club in Riga despite having paid cash for each drink. When he refused to pay the tab, three guards barricaded the exit and a fight erupted.

Police spokesperson Sigita Pildava says that in the ensuing ruckus the British man broke a bouncer's jaw and bit his ear off. She says doctors were unable to reattach the ear.

Pildava said on Tuesday an investigation is under way and police might charge the man for destruction of property and inflicting bodily damage.

Police say the British man, whom they did not name, has left Latvia and returned home.

See the following links for more info on these DANGEROUS places: AVOID AT ALL COSTS AND DON'T SAY YOU HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED!!!!






gingerbatik says:
sorry to hear about your bad experience. but I been to riga 4 times and still like it, and I used taxi without any problem there. Lesson to learn, always check the menu price before order -anywhere around the world.
Posted on: Nov 04, 2014
mdanelaite says:
thats pathetic :O never heard of such thing ever happening in Lithuania
Posted on: Oct 06, 2009
Lora_Nielsen says:
Hey there;) Sorry to hear about these pubs...and Latvian police not working properly... BUT:) Let's don't forget Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, + Poland, Czech republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, etc... ARE ALL ex-communist countries...they can't escape from the past whatever they're willing to do:)) That's life.. If you don't want to be ripped off - better don't visit any pub/restaurant:)) Still good deals in the supermarkets (in case you don't have a local friend to be your guide and safe your ass in the bad places...):)))Good luck in your trips;)) And less problems:)
Posted on: Sep 24, 2009
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GROKS-LORD-ROYAL name changes DO …
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