Part I: Getting to the airport shouldn't be this difficult - Part II: Scaffolding and veg heaven

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Part !:

I must have been really tired, last night. I turned on my ipod and was listening to Samantha Brown's episode on Innsbruck. I don't even rememver her saying her "Welcome to Innsbruck", which she says at the end of the opening overview. Wow!

I woke up at 8:00am but hit the snooze for an additional 10 minutes. I dragged myself out of bed and opened the curtains - clear blue sky, great! I showered and got ready for my trip and left by 8:30am. My flight was to leave at 10:10am from Reykjavik Airport. I had no one at the guesthouse to ask about directions so, I guessed at directions with the small Lonely Planet map. Thirty minutes of walking and I ended up on the street that I should but had turned the wrong direction and now was not only far from where I should be but really far! #$*&^!  So, I start walking the other direction, fast as I can.

I kept thinking that I would see a taxi along the way. It's now 9:15am, believe it or not, I have not seen a single taxi, thus far. I walk and walk and walk. I think I see an air hanger (9;30 am) and walk that direction. I get there and see a control tower and buldings, in the distance. %*&^%$!  So, now, I walk across a field towards the control tower. This is probably a bad idea but, it's closer to walk this way. Actually, it's a hotel but, there are buildings behind it with airline signs on them. I go to one of them and ask where the Air Iceland terminal is. She told me that it was all the way on the other side of the airport. It seems like a small airport but, I ask how far it is. She says that I need to take a taxi and agress to call one for me. It's now 9:45, I think that, now, no matter if I make it or not, they probably won't let me board.
I get there at 10:00am. The taxi ride cost me 1300 IKR. I race to the front desk.

Part II :

I can see the coast of Iceland, the penninsula, and Reykjavik as we begin our descent. Once landed, the group dispersed but, reconnected at the Air Iceland counter to request the certificate of achievement for our journey. It's a bit strange, I guess, but, how many people have been to Kulusuk, Greenland. Maybe, it deserves a certificate! I learned from one of the guys that I could have asked for a stamp in my passport, it shows DK but, has Kalaallit Nunaat on it, as well. ^&)*^%! Too late now! I'll have to go back.

I leave the airport, unsure of which way to go given that I arrived by taxi and wasn't paying attention. I made a guess (done me no good thus far in the trip) and wound my way out of the airport complex and out to the highway and over it on a walking bridge.

Finally, no problem with getting somewhere! I headed towards Hallgr√≠mskirkja, which is at the highest point in the city and directly up the hill infront of me. I had been frustrated and a bit confused that I hadn't seen it. I figured out why while making my way there, today. The whole structure is covered in scaffolding. You can't even reconize it, at all. I had no idea as not even it's telltale shape in squared off by the scaffolding. I took a picture but, it's bad....really bad. It such a dramatic piece of art that just happens to be a church. It pays homage to the culture in the Viking shape and the land in the bassalt cliff detailing on it's front extensions.

 I would my way up the hill, to the square in which it's located. Leif Erickson is proudly standing tall in front, guarding the .

....scaffolding. I went inside to take a look. I found it really plain but, appreciate the grandness of the scale. I asked the person standing inside for a ticket to take the elevator up. He happened to be a choir member. He told me that it had closed at 5:00 pm but, I could go up if I wanted to. I thanked him and proceeded up. I could barely see anything out of the windows. It was terrible. Scaffolding bars were crossing every window at the top of the tower. I desended the tower to find that the front door had been locked. The choir member who told me I could go up heard me trying to open the door and showed up. He had already forgotten about me and locked up. He was about to leave. It would have been locked, with me inside, until 10:00 am.
 Hhhhmmmm, a religious prison, not the first but, I lucked out.

I left a bit disgusted, tired, and hungry. I thought of eating at the veggie place but, I was just too tired. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up things I could eat in my room. On my way back, I encountered some colorful and quirky details on some of the houses that made me smile.

I stayed in, tonight, to recharge. I turned on the TV (for the first time) and there were many English speaking shows on - yes! I wrote postcards and planned out my exploration of Reykjavik, while watching Two and a Half Men.  



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photo by: MadeleineGL