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suramadu bridge
or at least it used to be....its soo close to eastern part of java...but yet was not as easily accessible as for instance bali. and it shows, even tho there is this bridge that now is connecting the two islands (and if you are crossing realise then that....its not that far really....definitely between that or the bali strait.....this one is definitely more swimable....well if there is such word..haha).
despite its ruggedness lack of decent accomodation and lack of good food (good food is important ok). its full of least according to me. For example it is the only part of eastern java (if you want to include it to the main island) that has a keraton (or palace), it does have its unique definitely have to experience yourself...,and beaches....loads of beaches....with their white sand...and one of the beach on the northern coast (which is called lombang me think) is one of the only two beaches in the world that has this tree the local called 'cemara udang' (some sort of pine tree) grow all over it....pretty exciting huh? *sarcasm alert*
so me, mom, and bro did a 2 days one night road trip exploring madura (kinda tells you thats there arent really that many things around :p), but i guess madura itself isnt that big of an island...
nanie05 says:
I had the chance to go to Madura ages ago...(It was actually to send my maid home) and I loved it! I love the landscape and vegetation...:)
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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suramadu bridge
suramadu bridge
photo by: Sonya