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possibly my favorite pic from the trip :) caught her(valentina) just at the right time! she is definately not camera shy

The day started with a nice little jaunt around the neighborhood with my favorite little Colombian :) and her abuela(her grandma = my friend dianas mom)(val is diana's niece). during our excursion when we were checking out a church on the campus of UPB(a university) there was a downpoor of rain for a while so we hung out until it let up a little(until the rain was lighter, as we forgot to bring umbrellas). The clouds move through the valley pretty quick in Medellin, so if its a bit cloudy or overcast its best to be prepared. it doesn't usually last long, but its tropical there so when it rains, it really pours. (it comes down in buckets:) 

In the Evening a bunch of CS folks and myself met up to take a bus up the mountains to a place called "Santa Elena" where they use the flowers to make floats and big round displays for the parade .

so cute :) she says "photos photos photos" when she wants me to take pics of her and has this kind of happy look on her face when i say yes
 I dressed a bit warm cuz its colder up there. However i did not expect it to rain the entire time we were up there, it was like 50 degrees F. and my head got wet and i was miserable for most the rest of the evening(i brought with me a jacket without a hood and no unbrella). But i met a cool friend that night while dancing to stay warm, she grew up in Colombia but lives in florida now(diana and i hung out with her again the next week). I also had the best chorizo i ever had while in the region(like a polish hot dog but better:)  so that made me feel better, and it was nice and hot. Then if your miserable its always healthy to spend money(makes us feel better for some reason :P  so i bought this cool poncho, it says medellin and has the stripes for the flag of Antioguia and the Colombian flag and there is a big pouch in front for your flask(liqour container) and a small pouch for your shot glass ;)  I call it my borracho poncho(drunk shirt). After all that we jumped back on the bus and back to medellin around 1:30am. Its a great memory even if i was miserable at the time :)

still need pic of poncho


christl3 says:
She's so cute :)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2013
mr_shanet says:
thanks Tatiana :) ya if you want to read a somewhat silly, not very grammatically correct blog, i occasionally do an OK job providing that :)
Posted on: Dec 23, 2012
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possibly my favorite pic from the …
possibly my favorite pic from the…
so cute :) she says photos photos…
so cute :) she says "photos photo…
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