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henry wearing my poncho at the parade

I joke with henry cuz he is light skinned therefore "1/2 gringo + half paisa" ..... gringo = white person & PAISA = the name given to people of the region around Medellin, and often they are more light skinned than say people from the coast.

When i first joined CS prior to my trip and i joined the language exchange group on there for Medellin, instantly i was welcomed by henry and told he looked forward to meeting me and exchanging languages and such. One of the first people to greet me at my first medellin CS event was Henry, and he is the one that people coordinated with often using text messages to find where the group was located at festival events and activities(sort of the glue in the operation). I have said a bit on the main page but wanted to add a bit more as i think it should be mentioned when someone works so hard to help others with their travels and UNselfishly attempts to make their experience so much better.

from our day in guatape and el penol
His impact on the local CS group and the travelers who visit the region seems to be very big(my opinion), i think if anyone read this that has met him they would agree. Haha this is not a love fest for henry , just wanted to give him his due and say thanks from all of us. I would like this to be a reminder for those who are getting help from others on trips to communicate their appreciativeness to those who helped them, as that appreciation usually encourages people to help more in the future.

I posted henrys TB link as well as CS link on the main page(towards the bottom) of this blog for anyone traveling there in the future. If you are looking for him at an event, he is about 5'8" ? and skinny and he seems to enjoy polo style shirts , the color orange as well as lateral/horizontal striped shirts :)  Thanks again henry for all your help, keep it up  and please know its appreciated! Enjoy life my friend! a few pics of henry from this blog - http://www.travbuddy.com/photos/blogs/3829804  *** http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/60388/photos/view/8/30  *** http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/60388/photos/view/18/10



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henry wearing my poncho at the par…
henry wearing my poncho at the pa…
from our day in guatape and el pen…
from our day in guatape and el pe…
photo by: caliphil007