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My friend Yananth text me in the morning asked me if i would like to join her and her friends to watch the "old car" parade. I was keen to the idea as i had fun talking to Yananth the night before and looked forward to talking more with her and meeting her friends. I had met yananth and her sister and mom the night before at a small party hosted by one of Diana's friends, just before the disco. So Yananth gets a taxi to where i stay and we walk to her friends house. She said it would be like 10-15 blocks :) lol ... oh my oh my was i in for a treat :))

For me here in the states a block = from 1 street to the next street typically, and being that we were in the city, this made sense to me. So 10-15 blocks = piece of cake, its like 85-90 out(fahrenheit) so will be a nice walk on a warm sunny day.

Come to find out, 10-15 blocks to a Colombian is like 3 miles to us ;) idk how to put in miles or kilometers, i just know that after 15 blocks and 20 minutes or so i said "how much further" she replied" about 10-15 minutes more :) lol , did i mention i only got like 4 hours sleep myself after a full day of being in the sun at the parade and dancing and drinking and no rest all day? Oh and i was a wearing a black cut off shirt of course which was great for that direct sunlight hitting me ;) it was not too bad really, we had a good laugh about the differences in blocks. Yananth and I talk well, we were on the same page and seemed to understand each other well even with some language barriers from time to time, so it was an enjoyable conversation.
Her english is pretty good but i taught her new words and she taught me a few spanish words. She is a good person who is not much of an online person but in person she is very friendly and helpful and i appreciated the time i spent with my new friend.

 We got to her friends place, and enjoyed the parade with some popcorn and ice water. Then we drove and parked at Dianas place and went to a street fair(only happens on the parade weekend). We had a nice evening chatting and walking and seeing what was around. I had some good street food, like corn on the cobb that was cooked over a flame a bit and some very nice chuso (beef meat on a stick) one of anthony bourdains favorite things :)  we finished the night outside a disco/bar type place and sat out on the balcony with our drinks served on a big wooden barrel. With Yananth, her sister and I going crazy with sprite ;) and the other 3 enjoying lots of rum :)  Generally speaking if i drink one night i am not much in the mood to drink the following night = sprite and water for me. We called it a night and all went to our seperate homes, the end! :)

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photo by: caliphil007