Colombia here i come (talking about the country people the country called Colombia :)

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It took forever to post this, kept updating little things and procrastinating... finally here u go...


Btw the reason i say 'the country people the country" is cuz many people think i am referring to columbia university or columbia south carolina i think when i mention visiting colombia, so making sure they know there is a country and there are no "U's" in the spelling ;)

IN ADDITION TO THE SUMMARY, MORE INFO ON REASONS FOR THIS TRIP: The timing of this trip was not perfect for my life but if i was going to see Medellin i wanted to also see the "el festival de las flores"(FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS) or "la feria de las flores" and it takes place at the beginning of august(july31-aug7 i believe for 2009) so it was go now or wait til 2010. Well when u wait other things come up in life and i had enough money and the time now, so although not perfect(whatever is) darn it i was going, no more waiting for things in life and then regretting it(well at least with this ;) so off i went, and here is some of the story.

My little brother just got his license in 2009 and this was his first trip to the airport driving alone, he dropped me off and he made it home safely :) So around 5:30 pm on July 31st , off i went to Colombia, first freezing my butt off in the airport overnight in Chicago(by the ticket counters) i flew alaska to chicago and then had to wait from 11pm til 4am to wait to get my boarding pass for spirit airlines. Then i was off to Fort Lauderdale, quick change of planes and Medellin here i come. On the plane i met some nice guys sitting close(5 guys) who were from medellin but lived in the states part time or full time now. One is a flight person for spirit making his way home on his off time to be with his wife and kids :)

I landed at the mde(medellin) airport on august 1st around 1pm and went through customs and all that. Then waiting for me is my good friend Diana who is the one who invited me in the first place to see her city/region/country. We met on another site like 18 months prior, and i encouraged her to sign up for TB and it helped her a little i think for a trip she was taking.  We took a bus to town, and no sooner do i get my bags unpacked at dianas familys residence than there is about 40 family and friends that visit for her nephews b-day :)  her nephew santiago can be a little monster(diablito) at times but can also be quite sweet if motivated ;) (more monster than sweet i think ;) jaja

Later i will have some photos on this page of some of the gear i took with me, photos of 1st day will be on august 1st journal. I will make this prettier and add more info in the near future(wanted to do day by day while there, but did not have good internet availability and was too busy having fun:)

Oh ya, my friend Diana's family gave me a cozy little room to stay in for the trip, so big thanks to them and her for making me feel very welcome.  Thanks also to all my couchsurfing friends for helping me navigate the city/language/culture and inviting me to events and gatherings. Together all  these people and others made my trip a lot of fun, and especially helpful since i barely speak any spanish :) You guys are awesome, I appreciate it very much!!  One more note: Diana - as my friend Liz in Norway can attest to ;) i am not always the easiest house guest perhaps so sorry for that (if i was a pain) but i appreciate the patience with my learning curve on things and thanks so much for everything!!! You can find both Diana and my friend Henry (who was also a great help and a great Medellin Ambassador)on TB =

more about my thoughts on Diana -

and more about thoughts on Henry -

both are also on couchsurfing - the Tb community is not well represented in some regions of the world, but u can find big networks of good couchsurfing people in these areas. I think combined the two sites (TB and CS) offer a traveler a good combination of helpful info and chances to partake in neat events and meet cool people.

other info for my friends to reach me messenger as well  = see what music and movies i like

skype = mr_shanet

also have gtalk(google messenger) and i use yahoo for msn/yahoo messengers, so just email me if u want that info or check my tb & fb pages

mr_shanet says:
thanks for the smiles and the comments :)
Posted on: Jul 08, 2010
monky says:
Hi Shane wow this is a terrific surprise, congratulations on your featured travel blog!! indeed a big pleasure to see you here in the front page.
Then, hoping you are having a especial time and a great satisfaction of your Colombia blog.
Thanks for sharing here a little piece of your travel well done:;-))

All the best.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2010
montecarlostar says:
Congrats on the feature! And I agree, Colombia is not the same country anymore... I enjoyed so much visiting Cartagena this year!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2010
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