leaving victoria :( good news though = TB MEETUP TIME IN VANCOUVER :)

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pics of the area where the sandbar is located(tb meetup joint)

I started the day in Victoria and i was back in my car at the ferry terminal outside vancouver and on my way to the tb meetup at 7pm.  arrived a bit late to the initial location, said hi and chatted a bit then we headed on a small boat across the canal/river(whatever it was ;) jaja and we went for a cool walk and heard music then back to the other side to chill a bit at a different venue. was a nice night to start things and get aquainted. I finally met Rubi(kitsy)but unfortunately the next day she was under the weather and could not join us and D's(nevara) work schedule kept her from the next days activities as well. 

A big thanks to kent(bcbusdriver)for letting me crash a night on his couch for a night :)

I HAVE VIDEO FOR THE VANCOUVER DAYS but when i try to upload from youtube the videos dont show up?? anyone have ideas on this?? i am new to using youtube to put videos on travbuddy. If u see an update for this blog thats what it will be , 2-3 videos including mark singing a funny song while playing the guitar :)

mr_shanet says:
this one was good cuz their was different venues and activities, like when we walked around you could take turns talking to different people. by the end of the day i had a good idea of who i was similar to and got along with better. the worst ones is when u r stuck in same seats at lunch and its a big gropu, u get to mingle with just part of the group... yes many different types of people ;)
Posted on: May 07, 2010
hoofinnit says:
Being new to TB I have not experienced a meetup yet but I can only imagine it would be a table full of all types of interesting people with lots to talk about. How fun!
Posted on: May 06, 2010
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pics of the area where the sandbar…
pics of the area where the sandba…
video   ? ?
video ? ?
VIDEO  ? ??
VIDEO ? ??
sorry gusy wrong camera for this t…
sorry gusy wrong camera for this …
cool rock stacking job
cool rock stacking job
wow i have a big head, and a nose …
wow i have a big head, and a nose…
mark with a silly/crazy face hmmm …
mark with a silly/crazy face hmmm…
photo by: hummingbird50