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This morning has been quite an adventure! We woke up at 5 o’clock to get ready for our safari and the hot water did not work! Shit! I hate to shower with cold water in the morning, and even worst when it is freezing outside. Anyhow, I managed to do it really fast, but there was no left for Silvia! Sorry… hheheh We were so cold that we put on a shirt, two jumpers and a jacket! But still, we were quite cold. I still don’t know what’s going on India at this time of he year, but the weather is not that good.

It took as almost an hour to the safari starting point and there we had to change cars. You will not believe it, the 4x4 was wide open, so we started shivering from the very beginning! Damn, today was cold! It is a pity, as the park was quite nice and we saw several species, such as deers, monkeys, jackals, turkeys, but we missed the tiger! We started the safari around 7am and it lasted until almost 11am and no sun whatsoever.
We were supposed to take an elephant tour after our safari, but we were so cold that we decided to go back to the resort. Half way the sun came out and we started to recover! Once we got to our resort, we went for lunch and I ate as much curry as possible to get warm! ☺ It is the first time I have curry and I don’t go straight to the restroom ☺, it might be I am becoming Indian already hehehhe. After lunch we lied down on the grass and we sunbathed for almost 2 hours… I guess that was the highlight of the day!

Around 4.30pm Jagdish took as to visit a waterfall very close from where we were staying. And from there Silvia and I kept walking around and visiting everything we found around! For some reason days are very short, the sun comes out around 9.30 am and the sunset is around 5pm, so we don’t have that much time to do things.
At 6.30 the hotel personnel set us a campfire and we enjoyed a nice time in front of the fire. Pity we didn’t have a bottle of red wine to bring along with us ☺
We just came back from dinner, and you will not believe what we found in front of our door! There was one Indian cow with huge horns! Shoot! Everything was dark and we did not know what to do! When we were approaching the animal, it run away! ☺

Tomorrow we are driving back to Delhi at 9am! By the way, I just called the weatherman to make sure we get sun tomorrow! ;)
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Jim Corbett Park
photo by: Mezmerized