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Today the day was cloudy and cold so we did not have too many things to do. Our plans were to see the Taj Mahal from the back, and even go in again to take some more shots, but with no good lightening, it was not worth it. Anyhow we spend some more time with Jagdish and he told a new version of the Taj Mahal origins. Everybody knows the love story, but recently, some experts are saying that it origins are not coming from love but religion. It seems to be that they have found some evidence proving that Taj Mahal was built as Ala’s court in the final judgment on earth. I know that is more attractive the love story but it is always interesting to know other points of view. And it is quite recent, as it was first published in 1995-1996, and it all started in Pakistan studying a map from the emperor ´s father and gave a whole new dimension to the story behind Taj Mahal.

As the weather was not that good, instead of going back to Taj Mahal we went to visit the Small Taj Mahal. This building was even built before the original Taj Mahal. It was very foggy so we didn’t take too many shots. Right from there we headed the Red Fortress.

Red Fortress started in 1556 and it took 95 years to finish it by 4 successive emperors. That’s why you see many different styles on its construction. Today only 25% of the fortress is open for the general public and the Indian Army is using the rest. From several places you have nice views over Taj Mahal, but due to the fog we saw nothing ☹ The emperor who conducted its construction spent his last years (8 years) arrested in one of the rooms overlooking Taj Mahal.
Some studies show that he wanted to build a new Taj Mahal in black on the other side of the river. They have even found proof of its early construction start.

After the Red Fortress we went for lunch. Guess where??? Pizza Hut! Yeah yeah, I know, a real traveler should go to experience some real local food, but Silvia is pregnant and I’ve had bad stomach for the last 4 days! ☺ So we had pizza, salad and a huge ice cream with cookies ☺ After lunch we went shopping! There are not too many places besides the bazaars next to the Taj Mahal entrance. We ended up buying some sandals, bracelets and magnets! It was a whole experience as to bargain is a national practice ☺ In one of the stores, they wanted to sell us a pair of sandals for 700 Rs and we ended up taking 2 pairs for 500 Rs. One of the funniest situations was when a young kid came to me and ask me: “Sir, sir, do you want to buy magnets?” and I replied: “Yes, I want to buy some magnets”. Other kids heard me and suddenly 20 kids, all of them wanting me to visit his/her family store, surrounded me! Amazing! I wish somebody could have recorded it!

We ended up having dinner in the room watching a couple of movies! ☺
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