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Today is our last day in India, as tomorrow we are flying back to Spain at 10.15am. From Agra to Delhi there are around 200kms but it can take you more than 4 ½ hours. Hopefully we can get in time to do our final shopping! ☺ Still searching a patch from India! If I don’t find one today, I will try to make one with a hat a bought in Jim Corbett Park.

Overall the experience has been awesome! Very different to tall other countries I have been to. We doubted a lot before coming to India when Silvia got pregnant, but we were quite confident Jagdish would take care of us! ☺

I will finish this travel blog with our trip highlights and also some travel tips!


• Having a green curry at the United Coffee House in New Delhi
• Going back from Connaught Place to Star Grand Villa Hotel in an Auto Ricksaw!
• Our six-hours drive to Jim Corbett Park, crossing small towns and villages
• Sunbathing in The Solluna Resort garden after the 5 am safari
• Getting a ricksaw ride through the narrow streets in the old city (Delhi)
• Having dinner at the Delhi-Varanasi train trip (13 hours)
• Enjoying the fire ceremony at the Ghats (Varanasi)
• Sailing along Ganges river during sunrise
• Contemplating several cremations along Ganges river
• Visiting the erotic Hinduism temples in Khajuraho during sunset
• Having a pizza, a tomato salad and a beer from India in Mediterraneo Italian Restaurant in Khajuraho
• Jagdish (tour guide) and Bhupi (driver) company and storytelling, the biggest highlight of our trip
• Taking photos during sunset in Orchha
• Giving out some shampoos to local kids outside our hotel in Orchha
• Taking photos to Taj Mahal during sunset in Agra

General tips:

• Daylight in the winter is short, so schedule the time dedicated to take photos. Best time in January is from 3.30 to 5.30
• In the winter it can get quite cold and hotels do not have a centralized heating system. If you are cold as soon as you check-in for an electrical heater
• Tips range from 5-10% in restaurants. Some places include the service charge in the bill, some others don’t.
• When they take your suitcases to the room you give from 20-30 Rs
• Get the best hotels in Varanasi (Benares). It is the city with more dirt and poverty, so you need to finish the day in a place where you can relax. Get a 4-5 star hotel.
• If you are getting a road boat along Ganges to see the cremations, be prepared! Everybody told me it was hard, but I never expected such a strong experience.
• Don’t ever think about renting a car, it is crazy! They drive on the left and the roads and traffic are horrible
• Get as many 10rs bills as possible for tips.
• If you visit India, GET A TOURGUIDE! You will learn tons of stuff you don’t find in all travel guides. But get the best, someone recommended by other travelers or friends.
• Distances are not that much but it takes 3-4 times more than in any European country. To drive 200km it can take you around 6 hours.
• If someone approaches you and has nothing to offer, it is never for free, even if they say it. When you accept it, they will beg you for money.
• Get all shampoos and bullpens in the hotels you stay and give them all to kids in the street
• Bring some wet tissues with you at all times. Many restrooms do not have toilet paper and sometimes you need to go the bathroom in very weird places ☺
• Bring thick sox with you as in some temples you have to take off your shoes…
• Avoid visiting Jim Corbett Park if you have been to good safaris (Tanzania, Kenia, ...)

Our travel guide:

Jagdish Thakur

All his tours are totally personalized and he tries to adapt the trip exactly to your needs and preferences. If you contact with him try to send him some notes about who you are, what are you planning to visit and dates. That way he can send you a draft of your program and you can work with him to finalize it. He even checked our Facebook pages to recognize us at the airport! ☺

I always organize everything on my trips but in destinations such as Africa or India, I strongly recommend you to hire a travel guide. In India we found the best one! So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your trip to India to its full potential! ☺
ratu says:
La http del guia esta mal, has cambiado una K por una J

Esta parece la buena:
Posted on: Feb 09, 2011
cneoridium says:
Nice tips! I hope to return there some day and can use these!
Posted on: Feb 05, 2010
rajeevpareek says:
It was a nice writeup !!!
I am sure you liked our country and hope you would visit with your kids too.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2010
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