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We let around 9.30 am as we were heading to Orchha, which is around 180kms away from Khajuraho. There is not too much distance but due to the road conditions it took us around 4 hours. On the way we stopped in a service station to get something to drink. I didn’t feel that well so I had a hot ginger tea. Silvia was completely recovered from her cold but I was sick as a dog.

Around eleven the sun came out and the views through the car windows were incredible. The sun gives all the lightening to this incredible country. I guess it is due to the fact of their dark skin and the colors of what they wear.

We could already see Orchha in the distance… Damn! That was amazing… so many temples in the background and they all looked to the ones you see in “Jungle Book”! The main temples are Rajmandir and Jahangir Mahal, but it is also beautiful to walk around town.
As soon as we got into the city we went straight to a viewpoint from where to take some photos. Orchha is right next to Betwa river, dividing the city in two: the shopping area and the fortress. To get into the fortress is 250rs, but Jadish told us there was nothing mucho to see inside.

We took some photos around town and around 3pm we headed to the hotel to check in and have something to eat. One hour later we were ready to roll! The lightening was fantastic and the hotel was right in front of a set of beautiful temples. For some reason you don’t find many tourists, which surprises me, as the place is breathtaking.

The best time to take photos in January is from 3.30 to 5.30, so when the sun was already down we walked around all little stores we found in our way.
Silvia bought a nice dress for only 200rs, which is about 3 Euros! A couple of blocks away from the hotel we found a group of kids who started to ask me about my jacket (full of patches from all different places I have visited). When we were about to enter the hotel, one of the young kids told us to take a photo with them. You should have seen them pose with Silvia ;) Before leaving they asked for some ball pens or shampoo, but we didn’t have any with us. Silvia told them to wait for a couple of minutes so she could go to the room and get some for them. When Silvia was walking towards them their faces showed a smile from side to side. It is amazing how happy they were with their shampoos!

At 6,30pm we were back in the hotel and we went straight to reception to ask for something to relief my cold. They had to go to the medical center to bring me something, so it took them more than 4 hours!!! We also asked for a heater….

We were so comfortable in the room watching movies and with the heater on that we didn’t even have dinner!

It is 9.30 am, 16th of January and we are already in the car driving to Agra!! Taj Majal is waiting for us! I hope we get some daylight when we get there!
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