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We woke up at 7.30 am so we had time to pack, take a shower and have something for breakfast. Silvia was first and when she was showering, all of a sudden I suffered curry’s secondary effects! Damn! My stomach was killing me and I had to go urgently to the bathroom!!!! So while Silvia was showering, Mr Maldonado was evacuating like crazy! eheheheh

Right now we are driving to Corbett’s Park listening to the local radio. Jagdish, our guide, just told us they are speaking Indinenglish! ☺ They mix Hindi with English, as there is such a strong British influence, they also belong to the Commonwealth as 70 or more other countries. From New Delhi to Corbett there is a six-hour drive! Woaow, right now we are listening to Bulería from David Bisbal! ☺ Spanish music is listened everywhere!

We have driven for almost a couple of hours and I must say I expected roads to be worst.
Monkeys! Cows! Crows! Damn! This is different! As its marketing slogan says… “Incredible India”. But what really calls my attention is the way they drive. Did you know that they don’t have to pass a driving test? No sir! They just buy the license, so expect the most incredible maneuvers! ☺ You are driving on the left side of the road, and suddenly you see 3 or 4 cars coming towards you! Sometimes you just have to pull aside!

Every time you move from one state to the other, taxis must pay some kind of toll, don´t really know how much. It took as more than 7 hours to get to our final destination. Before getting to the hotel, Jagdish stopped to talk to the Jim Corbett Park Rangers to arrange our safari and find out when is the best time to see a tiger. Damn! We have to get up at 5 am as the safari starts at 7 as our hotel (attaching a review and some photos) is about 20 kms from the start point.
Around 1pm we will be back at the hotel and then at 4 we will leave again to do an elephant safari! I have been trying to find a patch, but so far no luck! On our way to the hotel we saw some deers crossing the road!

I am getting all stressed out as of today I haven’t been able to take any nice shots. The weather has not been too nice although today the day cleared up. Tonight after having dinner I looked up and I saw a beautiful sky full of stars, but I didn’t bring my tripod, so I only took a couple of photos. Tomorrow I will try to get a tripod somewhere…

I just want to finish today’s diary saying that India in January is cooooold! It is funny as when we were checking tours and other stuff everywhere said “All tour and transfers by AC Car” so we expected India to be quite warm. Before coming we checked the weather and they said it was from 8 to 20 degrees, but trust me, bring some warm clothing if you don’t want to freeze ☺ I was lucky to bring a polar t-shirt although I gave it to Silvia ☺ what a nice guy I am…
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Jim Corbett Park
photo by: Mezmerized