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The alarm was supposed to go off at 7.30am, but I made a mistake and I set it up as if I was in Spain, so 5 ½ hours later! ☺ We were lucky the sun woke us up 45 minutes before we left the resort! ☺ Anyhow, we managed to get a shower, pack our bags and have breakfast! Yeah! We are the Super People! :)
Today we were heading back to Delhi as tomorrow we are visiting the city and at 7pm we are catching a train to Varanasi. From the resort to the city there are only 300km but it takes more than 6 hours due to the road conditions. Besides, you have to go across some small villages, which are very busy. In October Delhi is hosting the Commonwealth Games, so all roads are under construction, although they still don’t know if everything will be ready on time.
I still don’t know how they managed to avoid accidents, driving in India is just incredible! In the beginning I got all stressed out, but now I am used to it already. Lucky I never drive and Bhupi gets all responsibility ☺ They drive on the left hand side, nobody respects traffic signs, no police controlling traffic and sometimes there are not even lines on the road, so you can imagine…. Ohhh and remember, nobody has to pass a driving test, they just buy it! ☺ Don’t even know how to describe the way they drive in India, but I recommend you not to rent a car by any means! You will never recover from such a horrible experience! ☺

We stopped for lunch in the middle of the way. Jagdish and Bhupi went to a cafeteria with local food and Silvia and I went to a McDonalds.
It was quite cold and the cafeteria was outdoors, so even if I am not a McDonalds fan, we went there. Guess what? There are no hamburgers! Just chicken and fish burgers! ☺ I know, I know, cows are sacred! ☺ They even serve some kind of chilli tacos! It was twice as expensive as the local cafeteria, but at least it was indoors! ☺

There is a fact that is really impressive in India. Public infrastructure is very poor but they have a very good telecommunications network. You see people living in very poor conditions but they have a cell phone! You even see people with laptops connecting to the Internet and using Facebook!

We arrived to Delhi around 6pm, enough time to rest a little bit and head to Connaught Place in a tuc-tuc . Everything was on sale, so we ended up buying tons of clothes! But best of all, we went for dinner to QBA, the best restaurant we have been to in India! On the way back we got a taxi, they are black with a white/yellow roof.
Vikram says:
"You see people living in very poor conditions but they have a cell phone! You even see people with laptops connecting to the Internet and using Facebook!" -- LOL, that's true!
Posted on: Feb 05, 2010
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