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At 6 am sharp we were picked up at the hotel to go for a boat ride on Ganges River. There are more than 86 principal Ghats and around 500 secondary along Ganges, each of them with its personality and some times there is a palace or a temple heading the area. You cannot get by car so they dropped us 10 minutes away from where we were getting the boat. As soon as we got to the edge we saw a big fire… they were already cremating a body! They put some kind of scent (sandals) so it does not smell so bad and also some butter to accelerate the process. They also told us that if the funeral is for a pregnant woman or for a young kid, they through them to the river without being cremated! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Actually, everyone told me it is a strong situation, but that was more than I expected.

When we got to the boat, was still dark, but we had enough light to take some picks of other boats sailing along Ganges. Also, there were some people having their first bath! Damn, people were praying and swimming on that contaminated water. Something really spectacular taken off from a fairy tell. I thought some people would do it but I didn’t expect hundreds of people doing it. They say you are not allowed to take photos if there are women getting into the water, but everyone was doing it.

River Ganges is 3200kms long and its origin is at the Himalaya. After 200kms from its origin you find Haridwer, a town where many people go for its water properties. But once the river gets to Varanasi contains more than a million viruses, 8 or 10 being very dangerous.
Live expectancy in India is the largest of mankind, so it might be due to the reason that they have to live with millions of viruses in a daily manner, so they are protected from most of diseases, and also because they have preserved some of most beneficial animal and plant species, follow a very well balanced diet and also because they use curative plants and other natural elements.

After sailing for more than a couple of miles, we stopped and walked around very narrow streets, all of them full of garbage, animals, people… something dreadful if you are not ready to take it! Then, we walked back along the river for some time looking at everyone having a bath on the river. We even saw very young kids shivering like crazy (I was wearing my thermal t-shirt, a shirt, a jumper and a jacket!).
Once in the water, some people pray, some others even use soap to clean their bodies… a scene I will never forget!

Then, a mile away from our way back, we got back on the boat and sailed until the spot where we started the ride. Right there, there were some people buying some wood to do a cremation. It seems to be that there is a cast in the Hinduism religion in charge of getting all the wood to celebrate funerals. They have lots of money as they monopolize all ceremonies taken place at the Ghats.

At some point Silvia got very frustrated and she asked me to abandon the Ghats. We had enough with that! It is a one-time life experience, but it is not a scene you would like to replay again in your life. Today we got socked, something beyond anything we had seen before! Once we were back to the hotel, we went for breakfast.
It fell so good to go back there and have some toasts with marmalade in a clean and comfortable place….

Around nine the agency driver came to picks us up to get to the airport, which was 20 kms from there. We still hadn’t seen the sun and today was not going to be an exception. Once we were at the airport it was announced that all planes from Delhi were delayed due to thick fog. While waiting we talk to a nice Spanish couple flying to Himalaya. After waiting for 2 ½, our plane was ready to take off. The airline is called Kingfisher and the service was superb, much better than the airlines running all domestic flights in Spain!

Jagdish and Bhupi were waiting for us at the airport! It was nice meeting them again! The got there with a huge delay, so instead of wasting our time having lunch we went straight to visit the 9 Hinduism temples full of erotic figures.
These temples made a set of 85 temples found in this area and were found by an English explorer in the XVII century (1645-1648). They dated from the 9th to the 11th century and were found in the middle of the forest.

In one of the temples the 5 Hinduism elements are represented (earth, water, fire, air and soul. It is quite impressive how people from that time were so free minded and talked about sex in such an open way. There you see 84 positions and 130 ways of starting composing the Kama Sutra (love techniques). Kama is the Love God and Sutra is the art of making love. Kama Sutra was written 3-4 centuries before Christ.

You have to pay special attention to all small details represented on the outside walls of all temples. Before reaching the upper spiritual phases you had to fulfill carnal needs and desires, so outside you find all this erotic figures representing men and women making love, and inside you can reach the upper spiritual phases, but this can only happen when you have fulfill the previous phase.
Then you can enter the temple with a pure mind.

Best time to take photos in January is from 3pm to 5pm. This is when you get the sunset light and you get that gold color in all your photos! By the way, something really weird happened to us in these set of temples. Many people will look at us in a very funny way. There were not too many foreigners, and I guess they could tell we were from abroad. An old couple approached us saying they wanted to take a photo. In the beginning we thought they wanted us to take a photo of them, but then we realized that the man wanted to be in a photo with Silvia and I, and then, his wife!

There are so many sex scenes on these temples that you get quite in the mood. You know what I mean, right? ☺

We finished the day having dinner in a Mediterranean food restaurant! It was very welcome since I have been having stomachaches since the third day in India! ☺
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