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A weekend in Graz

First I had to get the train to Vienna and so change to Graz.

The first to know in Graz is that the nice place to stay is “jungen and familengæsthause”

It is in a nice park area like 15 minutes walk from train station.                          

I come there on Friday at evening and it was a lot of people in the garden. This hostel has a bar in the entrées and good tourist information.

It’s also good for people in wheelchairs.

Got up and out to the tourism information to found some things I could do around Graz for the Sunday because this evening I should meet a person from CS who should show me around in Graz.

This person was clause and he met me on the Kiplinger bright the evening.

ols country house in stubing
He was there with top friends who was doing a boat race on the river. Some of there friends had made some boats, one who looked like swan and was going done the river to a park. The race was to get 20 beers from A to Å on the river in a boat.

In this time I notis that this was not “kjell magne  country”* we stand on this bright and drank beer and than walk throw half Graz with open beerJ

Satte for hours in the park and drank and eat pizza. I was say that pizza in Austria is really good.

The police was passing us twice and winkedJ

We had a nice evening even than it come a small rain. Talked about what to do with the Swan boat, maybe it still stands in the park in Graz. You can go in see…

* expretion from a friend of me.

My favorit weis beer
Hi use it when he means something you never could have done in Norway , because of our conservative “drinking laws” that come from our old Mayer KJELL MAGNE BONDEVIK.


The next day we went to the open air museum in stubbing a beat out side Graz. At the tourist info they had said it was not any train there on Sunday, but it was. We went by train and walked up. If we had cycle we could had biked up. Well, as you all know I don’t bikeL

It was nice weather and we walked around and saw does old houses and it was interesting and clause was a really nice guide.

Was sad to live Graz the next day going to Salzburg but I had to.

I do miss Graz and have to recommend clause a guide. Maybe next time I will surf he couch if it’s free.





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ols country house in stubing
ols country house in stubing
My favorit weis beer
My favorit weis beer
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