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MY LAST DAYS IN GOTHENBURG and maybe my best days?

Was suppose to live helsingburg at noon Wednesday but the train had some problems and it was living in the afternoon and I come up to Gothenburg in time for dinner.

I was picked up by my uncle and his wife on the train station but this time the use the car, not walking back to his house.

My uncle does live close in the center of Bergen.

Took a quiet evening at home, just a small evening walk thought the Kingsport’s avenyn, aneyen in Gothenburg the famous mean street.

My uncle told me that the next evening there shall be the last concert for the summer on Liseberg. I though for a minute that it maybe was a concert with Anders steinmark or an other famous on know suede for us who not lives in Sweden.


But it was Tomas Ledin. The musician that have played his song in the 70th , 80th , 90th and 2000. His songs that everybody can sing along. “sommaren e kort”, “ en del av mitt hjerta” , “500 dager om året” “vi er på gang” etc ( sommer not last for lang, a part of my hart, 500 day a year, here w ego again etc)


First day in Gothenburg seem to be a really nice day. Sun was up and it was +27C . I went with my uncle and his wife to the small bathing place Marstrand. It is a nice town on an island north from Gothenburg. We were sitting there in the sun for 3 hours and I was once trying the bathing but the water was to cold at this time of the summer.

We also did a small walk around the island. On way back to Gothenburg I was a friend we would not rice the concert because it was so slow traffic.

But we did…well my uncle just live 7 minutes from Liseberg.

The summer night was really nice and the concert was good.

The best this summerJ


The day after was my shopping day and my friend Trine was coming to Gothenburg from Halden. We went in the entire Shoppe’s on “nordstan” and “arcdien” and ended on the avenyen on a restaurant called “la gondolita” and had some nice fish. First time in weeks I had fish.

Was a nice day but a beat cold and rainy.


Last day in Gothenburg I went up to Tjørn Island, a little beat more then 1 hour north from Gothenburg. There is a museum called “the Nordic watercolour museum”.

At this time they had an exhibition about Elsa Beskow. That lady that for 100 years ago did pint children’s stories.

But it was also nice on Tjørn Island.

tjørn, akvarell museum

At the evening we had a nice dinner and after in the evening there was this “Gothenburg midnight running race” in the middle of Gothenburg. We did go there because the daughter to Birgitta, my uncles wife; shall be running there with her husband and we have to see after her soon at the time they do that.

Birgitta has 5 or 7 grand children, only boys and Ulf has one. The oldest is 17 years.

It was a nice evening but a beat rain.


The day after was my last hours in Gothenburg and we went first to “botanisketrædgården” I Gothenburg and saw a lot of flowers and walked around. It was sun and worm. Than we went to “trædgårdsforeningen”, I remember being here before when I was young and everything was so big. Now it was small. But it was nicer on this place than at botanisktrædgård. This place was just some minutes walk from were my uncle lives.

Than it was the train home to Bergen in the evening and all my holiday was over.

















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tjørn, akvarell museum
tjørn, akvarell museum
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