Almost 4 days in Salzburg

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Maria plan

Almost 4 days in Salzburg

Monday come to Salzburg in the middle do the day. The weather was really like in Bergen, raining a lot.

Good that I had my rain cloth with me.

The hostel “yoho hostel” is a very special hostel with a pub in and lot of people. Had every evening in waiting for dinner at around 18.00 the show the movie “sound of music” so you shall get the right feeling for the sound of music tour who goes every week.

I tried hard to get a way from that and drank a lot of wise beer. This from Edelweiss is the bestJ

In the evening I had read on CS that the was some people gendering at a point out side Maria plain church in Salzburg.

Mirabell castle
So I got the way there. But some how I was not sure the tripe up a mountain out there was still on? Because in every paper I had read about hiking them sad if the weather was ok. And this evening and afternoon had been really rainy.

Some how I got of the bus to early and had to ask me around for the church and got a hake by some look al old ladies to near by. Come there to late for the walk but it was word it. The place with the church was really niceJ


First day I went to the tourist information to know more about some Mozart concerts around in town for two evenings.

So went onto get up to the fortress but in the way up it started to rain really bad like a bad rain in Bergen. Glad for still having my rain cloth in the bag.

So just walked around in the tourist part on the town, bought some Mozart kugels and some postcards.


At the way back to the hostel I did visit the Mirabel castle and its garden.

Did take a coffee at a nice market place with I call “kaspeter” but it was just the name of one of the restaurants at that aria. The café was cheap and nice but the owner didn’t speak English. It was in this area the evening before I had heard some weird noise when I walk home the first evening and did see a “tractor” coming running the street with 5 guys on.

So this café become my favourite place to hang in Salzburg.

At the evening I did eat at a place called “moz das restaurant” in shuffler strasse. A youth restaurant with easy food. Like salmon with potato and sour scream.

The concert this evening was at Mirabel castle and it was a nice concert but maybe a beat to much piano.


Second day, Wednesday

Went to the hospital in Salzburg, doctor’s order. Most say that this place was modern and nice. Everything went well and I just notis I had eaten some but stuff like surkål and spinat.

Got some regulation of medisin. Those days everything is so international and great. And the medicine was going well. Not as before the tripe.

From the hospital you can walk up a small mountain road up to the fortress along the mountain side. And the weather was worm and nice.

The fortes in Salzburg is from the 15 century and it is smallest the Fredrik steins fortes in Halden. Mostly been a place for the add bishop. At the evening it was a really nice concert there but after it was dark going down alone at the mountain road.


Last day in Salzburg I did went to the Hellbrunn castle. It is small castle out side Salzburg close to the zoo. They also had a zoo in Prague. Take buss 26 or something out here. It takes like 15 minutes from Mirabel plaza.

First there is a guided tour with wasserspiel and it is nice and than you can walking the garden/park around it and at last you can visit the castle. With a painting from the royal family of Sweden in 16 centery.  And this was the home of the add bishop in Salzburg and in Sweden Catholics was not aloud at that time. The castle was interesting.

So the last evening I did eat at the hostel, which could offer cheap beer and food every evening from 19.00. 


Than I did go back to Prague for the last evening before flying back to Gothenburg.

This time I hade my last evening on the new prate of Prague a place closes to the I.P. Pavlova metro station. The new prate of Prague is a beat more expensively. The hostel this time was called “sophies hostel” and was like a tree star hotel but with 4 people in one room.  Was out eating on a near by restaurant, Mexican right over the road from the hostel. A little beat expensive for been in Prague but just 62 nok for a big salad and beer and coffee.


Come back to Gothenburg the next day and got the train down to Helsingburg, 2 hours.


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Maria plan
Maria plan
Mirabell castle
Mirabell castle
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