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I will first write really carefully, I will only write this once and only once so if you miss it it is your fault.

I will write everything in English so the most of you will understand it and to the others of you I will say:

no tengo tiempo para traduczo  en espanol o på svenska. Si sera algunas problemas para comprender, por favour busca una person que conocer ingles. Om der skulle bli problem att lesa texten så bara fin en person som kan engelsk som hjälper digJ


First in the text sometimes I will referrer to no withes called CS, couch surfing, it is a sight on internet a kind of forum I’m in.

Carlstejn castle
Than some on the stuffe I talks about is out lined in black, that the thing you can go in on my travelling bloog and read more about. At last I will say that on face book in the future you will see photos to the story. But not al of them, took over 200 photos.


Before this tripe as always I think this will be the tripe and I will meet a lot of nice people and party and have fun. But as always I just end up with using too much money on tourist stuff and not on beer and get tired and sleep early. Well, this year has been a little beat of bothJ





I stared my tripe at Sunday morning from bergen to Gothenburg with train and it took 12 hours. After that there is 24 hour more with train to Prague, but I took the plane instead.

The dancing house "ginger and fred"

So fly from Gothenburg to Prague.

Come to Prague at 13 o’clock in the afternoon. As I always do when I get to a place for the first time I took a taxi to the hostel. It is safer and takes less time after some ours with travelling.

The hostel was named “Emma’s hostel” in a small street not fare away from kalsrov namesty in Prague. An old house with an ok hostel, close to a park and some pubs.

There where no breakfast included but sheets.

First I did was calling a person from CS that I talked to before the tripe that would show me some places good to eat in.

So I got to the new part of Prague and a park called: Riegrovy Sady. I most say that was the first and almost last time on this tripe I went to this part of the town. The new and expensive part of the town. Not this park with but all the other places around. It was a nice park where people use to walk there dogs and do Sunday tours. In this park was a sports club with a restaurant and some nice, not to expensive food.

Meet Nell and another person from CS who also was travelling Prague on her way to Hungeria.

The evening was nice and I did walk back to the hostel.

The food was nice. In Prague they eat much dumplings bread with gulach or kartofen knudles or potato pancakes. More like the scaninavien kalops, raspeboller med flesk og paltbrød, kroppkaker. And those dumplings that looked like “fiskepudding i skiver” and tasted like light bread in parts.

The first evening I went to the local pub for a coffee and learn that my old travelling tradition with a last cope of coffee before bed was not good. In Prague the coffee tasted shit and I needed 10kg of sugar in it to drink itJ

So there after every evening there was a last night beer instead. The beer was like 10 nok.


First whole day in Prague, Tuesday.

Weather was ok. not to warm but sun. Went up early, for being me it was early, at 9 o’clock. I just do when I have free or shall work early go up around teen or eleven but not before. So this was early.

First I had to go out for breakfast because I didn’t buy anything for the hostel kitchen.

I had been recommended a place called “Cafe louvre” by anyone on CS. Should be an ok place with nice prices and good breakfast.

Address was Narondi, it is a street with a lot of Shoppe’s and cafes in the way between my hostel and the old part of Prague. By side this café it is a big tea story with a lot of tea that I can recommend.

This café felt like being in bergen on the holmergstuen at galleriet.

The breakfast wasn’t so expensive but about 30nok or 85 tjekk money for a coffee and scrabble eggs. They were rely good testing, but I didn’t get enough of them. After I had eaten I was sitting here looking at other costumers and saw that the most of them took the breakfast like a “tapas breakfast”, not like my just one disk and not more.

After words I went on to the “klementinum” an old building ii Prague to pick up some concert tickets for the evening. It was a classic concert in the mirror chapel.

Than I walk a beat around because I hade read in my guide book abut the nice jewes part of the town that could be interesting to see. But after not seen much more than the jewes museum I walked up to the Charles bright to see the castle on the other side.

Coming over the brige got me a feeling about been in Stockholm standing at slussen looking up on the prate of Stockholm called “søder”.

This long street with all the people and all the gift stores. On my way up to the castle I went to see the royal garden. It was nice but after that I was tired and thought that maybe the day after watching the castle better just go home and rest a beat before the concert this evening. It was a beat worm and I had walked a lot.

So I got back to the hostel and to a shower and had some dinner at a close by place, a dinner for 115 tjekk money, its like 38nok.

The concert was nice and it was a lot of Mozart but also some other.


Wednesday, second day.

Went up a beat early to go to a local café for breakfast “globe bookstore and café” at street Pstrossova 6. Not fare from the hostel.

The hade a nice breakfast many. The place got me feeling being back at “kvarteret” in stjernsalen.

The food was not so cheap, some egg sandwich and coffee for 135 tjekk money, about 45 nok. But it was a big sandwich.

I did like the place read something about that Wednesday was movie night at this place.

So I Went on to the Klementinum. To say it is not so interesting, you just walk up in a tower and look out over the town and see some astronomic stuff.

Can also recommend an old nice cafe/ restaurant in the old town,  U Zlateho Hada close to the klementinum. It is an old and interesting café/restaurant. I went there for lunch before I went up to the castle again. Come to the castle when it was just 2 hour left of opening time at Closing time for  entering 1640. So did not get time. The also just take money not visa.

And of cause next day my last day in Prague I was suppose to go on a tour to carlstejn castle so there was no more time for the castle.

I had earlier this morning found out that the tour to TerezinMemorial only was at 0945

And not on Thursday. This place is a jewes memory from Second World War. Was first a fortress but than a memory of the victims from the Nazism.

At this evening I did eat at a restaurant in a street between old town and my castle. A kind of pub and restaurant recommended by some one at CS. This restaurant was named

“U Medvidku” street Na perstyne.

Restaurant/the pub hade a pub feeling. The foot was ok. I had some kartofen knodles with spek. Some thing like raspeboller med flesk, or kroppkaker with surkål and rødkål.

Nice and cheap.


Last day was the tripe to karlsstejn castle in carlsstejn. This was a organizes tour from a tour stop in the town.

A small bus was going to the place. The weather was nice and the guided did talk but English, Spanish and tjekk. She told us first about was we were passing by in the town. Like the old Jewish quarter that not is any more. This last 8 years it been cleaned a way.

Come to the castle but it wasn’t so interesting and after it included a lunch.

We had to take horse wegan up to the castle and walked down.

The food at the lunch was nice and we were some young people, backpacker at one table. From France, Germany, Australia, USA and me. The person from Australia sad he hadn’t been to north get. Also interesting to hear more about California.




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Famuos clock
Famuos clock
charles brige
charles brige
Carlstejn castle
Carlstejn castle
The dancing house ginger and fred
The dancing house "ginger and fred"
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