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Traveled: August 7-August 17, 2009

With whom: Dad; Dad's girlfriend; Dad's girlfriend's neice

Touched: New York; London; Liverpool; Paris; Rome.

Saw: The entire continent of America flying east (never been before); beautiful Canada; the Atlantic for the first time; green Ireland; the South of France; (maybe) Switzerland on the way to Rome which contained some of the most amazing mountain ranges and rivers; the Mediterranean Sea

I know that the word "Saw" isn't exactly the same as "Touched". It's just that the places I flew over, I got to witness physically with my very own eyes. I saw these places in real life. I know that I can't say that I've been to the places I flew over. But I was able to "see" these places in all its realness even though I was thousands of feet in the air. I don't even know if I'm making sense at all, but you have no idea how ecstatic I am to have been able to see these places from the air aside from the places that I actually touched. I love airplane rides. I don't know, I just have this romantic idea about riding airplanes. They take you places. I always had associated airplanes with foreign adventures and new discoveries. I love everything about flying and I always overlook the "uncomfortable-ness". So with this, you can imagine my desire to grab the window seat from my dad's girlfriends neice as much as I could. As long as there was daylight and no layer of clouds to obstruct the views of the world below, my face was glued to the window throughout the entire duration of all of our flights. There was just so much beauty to witness and remember. I will never forget. I needed the airplane to land so I could explore the unknown lands and cultures and people below--those places and people I probably wouldn't be that close to again. It will be years before I will be that close in proximity to those lands I saw. The girl I was traveling with wasn't exactly the traveling type which I learned right away, so she just didn't understand my exclamations of "OH MY GOD, THAT IS IRELAND, WE ARE LOOKING AT IRELAND, WE NEED TO STOP THE PLANE RIGHT NOW" or "I HAVE ALWAYS HEARD ABOUT THE SOUTH OF FRANCE, NOW I AM LOOKING AT THE SOUTH OF FRANCE, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL" or "OH MY GOD, THAT IS A CANADIAN COW" etc, etc, etc. Physically seeing a foreign country is just as great as being in another country. To me at least.

Travel always gets me. I'll be in Tijuana, Mexico ecstatic the entire time. So "seeing" and "touching" those lands aforementioned was just as unbelievable. I still can't believe that I went to Europe for the first time. It feels like a dream. It was entirely surreal being there. I have to pinch myself when I look at the pictures. I love foreign soil. I love different cultures. I love meeting new people. I really need to travel. There is just so much to see out there.

Anyway, this blog will be a work in process as I am STILL gathering my thoughts on what just happened a mere 5 weeks ago. I am still coming to a conclusion on how I feel/ felt about the trip. Still collecting my thoughts on everything. Also still organizing the pictures around as I'm combining pictures from 4 different cameras.

Til next time :)

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